Latest update: June 03, 2024

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Adidas AE1 “Georgia Clay” – Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black

Adidas AE1 'Georgia Clay' - Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black colorway on a white background.

You want something more than the best basketball shoes this year — you also want the hottest-selling kicks that move so fast they overwhelm the brand’s servers. The Adidas AE1 is that model. One of the best in class, this stunning “Georgia Clay” colorway is sure to turn some heads. A recent release from the duo, this colorway is dedicated to Edwards’ home state of Georgia, known for its red earth clay.

The AE1 is the inaugural model in the lineup. It features a TPU overlay made in the shape of a honeycomb, which adds to the shoe’s visual appeal and functional properties. This shoe provides both strength and stability for your foot yet is flexible enough to conform to your movements during games.

Anta Kai 1 “Artist on Court” – Purple

Anta Kai 1 'Artist on Court' - Purple colored on a white background.

Another signature launch from Kyrie Irving — this sneaker moved fast. Thanks to marketplaces like StockX, you can still cop a pair. These kicks are not only the usual release but also a synthesis of different cultural impacts, which were carefully selected by the very talented design director, Jared Subawon.

The long and lean profile design reflects the lightning-quick and swift direction changes and crossovers Kyrie Irving uses as he cuts across the hardwood floors. The complex hieroglyphic-like features present on the top part of the sneaker give it a feel of old storytelling and, hence, firmly root it in the heritage of strength and resilience. Every detail of the shoe’s design, starting from its silhouette to its colorway, is created to reflect Kyrie’s unconventional playing style and the smoothness of transition that he demonstrates on the basketball court.

Nike Sabrina 1 “Oregon” – Black/Lightning/Malachite

Nike Sabrina 1 'Oregon' - Green/Yellow colorway on a white background.

Nike Book 1 – Ashen Slate


Nike Book 1 - Ashen Slate color on a white background.

One of the quickest selling sneakers on our list is still readily available on resellers, such as Kicks Crew, at a relatively affordable price point compared to its initial selling sticker. But as for the shoe, the Nike Book 1 Mirage V2 is an essential for any sneakerhead and there are many reasons for that.

Primarily, the Book 1 is the first signature shoe of Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker, so it is an important piece to own for any collector. This colorway with the dusty gray-like color is quite classy and appealing. One so much so that it may be better off-court for style purposes.

The design of the shoes meets the practical requirements of any elite basketball player, and the everyday lifestyle design elements that reflect Booker’s personal style and professional journey top it all off. It’s the perfect off-court sneaker that also make for the ultimate gameday kicks.

For a note on materials: the top part is made from soft materials like nubuck overlays for comfort, and perforations around the ankle collar provide better air circulation. The soft nylon inside provides a comfortable fit.

Trae Young 3 Shoes – Core Black/Cloud White/Carbon

Adidas Trae Young 3 Shoes - Core Black/Cloud White/Carbon colorway on a light gray background.

If you think we only prioritize aesthetics on this list, you’re gonna be off the mark. So, if you’re ready to ball like you’re gaming on clouds, these are some of the best basketball shoes for you. The Adidas Trae Young 3 Shoes are a perfect fusion of form and function, designed to enhance both your performance on the court and (bold) fashion off the court — we’re looking at you cloud like cushioning. Artfully built with a mix of materials, they provide a perfect combination of support, flexibility, and breathability satisfying both performance and aesthetics.

Loaded with Adidas’ cutting-edge cushioning tech, they ensure responsive impact absorption and a comfortable stride that improves comfort during games. This outsole pattern is thoughtfully made to offer great grip on different surfaces (hardwood or blacktop), so the Trae Young 3 shoes will work well for all courts. Being the epitome of flexible design and athletic performance, these shoes appeal to those who appreciate style and comfort.

Bonus: only $70 is a steal.

APL Superfuture basketball shoes – White

APL Superfuture basketball shoes - White colored on a light gray background.

The APL SuperFuture basketball shoes in this stunning white-out colorway with gum soles, which we love, are game-enhancing kicks. The design is futuristic and contemporary, and the shoes are designed using APL’s patented Load ‘N Launch tech that includes a compression spring, perfect for those who wanna fly like Anthony Edwards.

The shoes also come with a ventilated upper and a padded collar to ensure comfort and support during play. An ideal choice for players who want to take their game to the next level, the SuperFuture sneakers are known for their fashionable appearance and improved performance characteristics.

Adidas AE1 “Future” – Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon

Adidas AE1 'Future' - Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon colorway on a white background.

Okay, so maybe we’re a little biased having to colorways of the AE1s on our list, but can you really blame us? Of all the vibrant colorways that are featured in the Anthony Edwards shoes x Adidas lineup, this one screams, “I’m here,” for all those who don them.

With another nod to AE being the next best thing, the “Future” colorway is about as space-age looking as AE is on the hardwood courts. With its iridescent combo of a charred plum, gold, and metallic finish, this shoe says the future is here, “I have arrived.”