The new basketball shoes universe is a fast-paced, nonstop machine pumping out the hypest new basketball shoes on an almost daily timeframe. Our job is to try and highlight some of the slickest releases on a monthly basis, or those soon-to-be-released sneakers, so you can stay up to date with all the hype-worthy kicks you need in your closet. Staying ahead means lacing up with the latest and greatest kicks. From cutting-edge technology to sleek designs and one-of-a-kind colorways, these shoes are set to make a statement on the hardwood.

Whether you’re a serious baller looking for the latest, new basketball shoes to rock on the court or just love a fresh pair of kicks to show off for your street game and Instagram feed, this roundup has something for everyone. Lace ’em up and get ready to step into the future of the freshest basketball footwear for the month of April — 2024 never looked so good.

Nike Hot Step 2 Drake NOCTA ‘Total Orange’ – Total Orange/Chrome/University Gold

Nike Hot Step 2 Drake NOCTA 'Total Orange' - Total Orange/Chrome/University Gold colorway on a white background.

The Nike Hot Step 2 Drake NOCTA in the Total Orange, Chrome, and University Gold colorway has been the subject of much attention because of its bright and bold hue — a showstopper some might call it. This standout sneaker is hype-worthy and a fashion trend for several reasons. To begin with, it is inspired by the partnership between Nike and legendary rapper Drake in the NOCTA collection, where street style goes hand in hand with high-performance characteristics. The bright color scheme of Total Orange, Chrome, and University Gold guarantees that wherever you are, be it on the court or on the pavement, you will be the center of attention.

The eyestay design of these shoes is quite unique, and it is characterized by a reflective synthetic leather upper that catches light with every step, as well as an interesting lace lockdown system made of textile webbing, which ensures that your laces remain secure while you are balling out. Further, the branded NOCTA sockliner offers comfort and support, whether you are dancing at a Drake concert or playing ball.

Like any other NOCTA release, Hot Step 2 is one of a number of limited editions, making their owners part of an exclusive group of trend setters that appreciate both style and exclusivity. This shoe is all about summer, therefore, it will be the perfect friend of sunny weather and outdoor adventures.

Anta Kai 1 ‘Artist on Court’ – Purple

Anta Kai 1 'Artist on Court' - Purple colored on a white background.

As most predicted, the Kai 1 was an equally hot release and sold out fast. But do not worry sneakerheads, you can still cop a pair These kicks are not only the usual release but also a synthesis of different cultural impacts, which were carefully selected by the very talented design director, Jared Subawon The Anta era has been marked by sneaker drops that are not only full of deep meaning but also set new limits for design

The long, lean profile design mirrors the lightning-quick, swift direction changes and crossovers Kyrie Irving uses as he cuts across the hardwood floors The complex hieroglyphic-like features present on the top part of the sneaker give it a feel of old storytelling and hence, firmly rooting it in the heritage of strength and resilience. All features of the shoe’s design, from its form to its colorway, are made to mirror Kyrie’s unorthodox play style and the ease in transition he has on the basketball court.

The color palette is based on the spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous peoples and integrates the symbolism of the four cardinal directions and the psychological and physical effects of the colors on the body and mind. Due to its unique design and deep cultural value, the Anta Kai 1 is destined to become a must-have for every sneakerhead.

Nike Lebron XXI ‘Serene’ – Barely Grape/Lt Armor Blue/Lilac Bloom

Nike Lebron XXI 'Serene' - Barely Grape/Lt Armor Blue/Lilac Bloom colorway on a white background.

The LeBron XXI ‘Serene, ‘the latest creation from Nike, which has been enjoying favor among sneakerheads, is a performance and head-turning shoe that looks stylish. It is what we call “the perfect” answer people who like to make a statement visual, as well as performance-wise on the courts, too. The second standout attribute of this shoe is the upper, which is a 3D silicon fabric with property bending in three dimensions. Hence, it provides comfort for off and on-court wear.

Midsole soft foam underfoot makes sure you are cushioned and reduces impact, so you can enjoy a comfortable game experience. What makes this shoe unique is the slanted Air Zoom unit that goes along with the side cuts of the shoe and does not increase its already perfect weight, losing nothing but adding the ability to be sharp and explosive.

In practice, the ‘Serenes’ model gives you an opportunity to come out on top utilizing a fast pace, just as LeBron does when playing. This shoe enhances not only gameplay but also is artwork within the basketball world. Grab these sneakers, which are currently one of the best new basketball shoes.

Zion 3 M.U.D. “Light Bone” SE – Light Bone/Sail/Volt/Light Bone

Zion 3 M.U.D. "Light Bone" SE - Light Bone/Sail/Volt/Light Bone colorway on a light gray background.

The nubuck leather and suede upper of the Zion 3 M.U.D. is a great mix of style and functionality — all the while, the sneaker looks very luxurious and unlike the other basketball sneakers, could definitely pass for designer basketball shoes. The forefoot strap that comes with the special edition is a specific feature, allowing you to adjust confinement for the best comfort and performance specifically tailed to your liking. Among the unique features is also the full-length Zoom Air, which provides a dynamic cushioning that helps make you play better.

The tonal mud-splatter embroidery on the super-clean ‘Light Bone’ color upper introduces a touch of “dirt” to this otherwise perfect colorway, symbolizing that success is achieved through hard work and determination. This shoe is more than your average basketball shoes — it is the symbol of an extraordinary way to success and style. The Zion 3 M.U.D. “Light Bone” SE is not just a sneaker, but a luxe style statement.

Adidas Crazy 8 – Gray/Royal Blue

Adidas Crazy 8 - Gray/Royal Blue colorway on a white background.

The gray and royal blue colorway of the Adidas Crazy 8 is a bold shoe with plenty of vintage swagger to boot. It is a style retro for any kind of outfit event, whether you decide to rock them on the courts or on the streets for some high-street style fashionability. Featuring a traditional basketball silhouette, these mid-top shoes were created to outplay your expectations, allowing you to dribble through your lifestyle in the best way possible.

The sleek and practical design of heavy canvas and synthetic leather ensures that it looks striking, yet feels comfortable, making it a must-have for any wardrobe. The rubber outsole gives you pace of grip and stability that is victorious in every life walk. Nostalgia dressed in these timeless silhouettes is never out of fashion. The Adidas Crazy 8 is the mother of all retro-ness, transporting you back in time to being a kid, and a shoe as cool as you are — a necessity for anyone looking for the best new basketball shoes.

Nike Sabrina 1 ‘Oregon’ – Black/Lightning/Malachite

Nike Sabrina 1 'Oregon' - Green/Yellow colorway on a white background.

The quack attack colorway (aka the University of Oregon) is finally officially here — as we highlighted the leaked model last month on StockX.
Nike’s freshest version of the Sabrina 1 sneaker rocks the much anticipated “Oregon” look, which merges bright green and yellow hues to articulate Sabrina Ionescu’s connection to the University of Oregon.

The Nike Sabrina lineup is a combination of stylistic impact and performance all in one pair. Based on a hybrid of durable textile materials such as ripstop and meshing, the shoe has both a style to cover the purpose and the function of athletics. Actually, it has very well-studied tread patterns — it is preferable for players who seek the ultimate in stability, which is absolutely crucial for success on the courts, such as guard-type players making cuts to the hoop. Added bonus:  ankle foaming PU and slim Zoom unit in the forefoot are used by the shoe to enhance the responsiveness rather than trivial rebound.

On the courts it is not only comfortable but also durable, and with the adjustability of the lacing, it provides a fitting that is remarkably supportive and secure.

Adidas Harden Vol. 8 ‘Luxury Green’ – Core Black/Green/Core Black

Adidas Harden Vol. 8 ‘Luxury Green’ - Core Black/Green/Core Black colorway on a light gray background.

The luscious green color, dubbed ‘Luxury Green,’ Adidas Harden Vol. 8 has some major heat and a ton of street cred to go along with it. This shoe is no longer just a sneaker, toss that notion out — it has a sharp, daring fashion statement to help make you perform well, and it’s an athletic wonder, to boot. The prominent EVA cage in the athletic shoe, which breaks the monotony of the colorways with a vibrant green hue, stands out in the shoe’s design. The breathable grey textile upper is decorated with a stretchy cuff that goes all the way up to the ankle and a very sturdy synthetic leather toe cap, bringing comfort and durability together.

Lastly, the design of the shoe is complemented by an additional element, which is a teardrop-shaped frame that reaches the full outsole length of the Jet Boost. This construct is slightly firmer than what was included in Vol 7, however plushness of the sole gives plenty of comfort. The outsole of the sneakers uses an asymmetrical ‘JH’ traction pattern with herringbone treads around the midsole, which ensures a reliable grip on all court surfaces. Whenever your opponent tries locking you down, these kicks give you the advantage to maneuver around them.

Adidas’s progressive design approach, together with their stylish intuition, make this shoe the best choice for any sneakers fan who is so eager to be the first one to jump on board with some trendy kicks and one of the best new basketball shoes of April.

Under Armour Unisex Curry 11 ‘Mouthguard’ Basketball Shoes -Sky Blue/Capri/White

Under Armour Unisex Curry 11 'Mouthguard' Basketball Shoes -Sky Blue/Capri/White colorway on a light gray background.

Under Armour Curry 11 ‘Mouthguard’ is an eye-catching shoe that is rocking the limelight in the sneakers industry. The materials used for the shoes are light, comfortable, and breathable, thanks to the UA IntelliKnit fabric with built-in stretch and support. The TPU heel counter is an external 3D-molded one that allows for better fit and support. The sock-liner is molded in with step-in comfort in mind.

The upper shoe design is further elevated by a dual-density UA Flow cushioning system. This guarantees a feeling of premium comfort that is unbelievably lightweight and bouncy and offers excellent traction for complicated Curry-like movements. The Pebax plate forefoot allows the players to have additional flex and agility with lateral support and the midfoot shank also assists in every move and cut to the basket that adds stability.

A durable UA Flow outsole provides a great court feeling, so you can quickly cut/stop and start without an impact on your performance. The Under Armour Curry 11 is the top signature shoe model by Steph Curry so far. It is mostly for the players with powerful footwork who then need space to create movement. With Under Armour, design is the progress, and this shoe is a clear example of that, as well as the brand’s style intelligence.

Jordan Luka 2 ‘Dragon Bridge’ Basketball Shoes – Olive Aura/Oil Green/Sea Glass/Vivid Orange

Jordan Luka 2 'Dragon Bridge' Basketball Shoes - Olive Aura/Oil Green/Sea Glass/Vivid Orange colorway on a white background.

The Luka 2 ‘Dragon Bridge’ basketball shoe has been creating a buzz in the sneaker world with its captivating colorway: Ivory Aura, Oil Green, Sea Glass, and Acid Orange. Taking inspiration from Slovenia’s bridged, known as Ljubljana, the Luka 2 is rightly called a tribute to this architectural masterpiece. Raising the eco-green standard, Slovenia becomes the first declared country as the “Green Destination of the World.” With these kicks, you’re not only making stylish fashion but also supporting eco-friendly practices.

The use of the army’s color palette, which consists of the earth’s colors with the energetic orange, produces a visually striking image. Engineered shoe mesh upper, along with the combination of Formula23 foam and Cushlon 3.0 midsole foam, are the main features that provide comfort and performance. It is obvious that a lot of attention was paid to detail in the bright pops of Vivid Orange found on both the laces and the logo of the forward, as well as the Jumpman branding famous logo. The limited-edition nature gives an extra appeal to it, and everyone who loves sneakers will want a pair. A great one to include in any rotation for those seeking the best new basketball shoes for 2024.