When it comes to innovative sportswear and gear, no other brand has done it better for longer than the iconic Nike brand. Even in 2024, as new brands pop up left and right, the global giant Nike still reigns supreme, especially when it comes to golf gear. Today, we’re gonna highlight the best Nike golf shoes of 2024. Nike, with its extensive range of models and innovative crossovers, continues to lead the way in the world of golf footwear. The brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and style is unparalleled, making it a top choice for golfers worldwide.

In 2024, Nike’s golf shoe selection is more impressive than ever. From traditional designs to the latest technological advancements, Nike offers a diverse array of options to enhance your game. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Nike has a shoe that can help you elevate your performance on the course.

Our guide is here to help you navigate through the vast selection of Nike golf shoes and find the perfect pair for your game. We’ll provide you with excellent insights to assist you in making an informed decision. So, get ready to step up your golf game with a pair of one of the best Nike golf shoes. Whether you’re a sneakerhead looking for a high-street basketball-inspired crossover or a traditionalist looking for simplicity and sharp lines, these are our top picks.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG – Summit White/Daybreak/White/Black

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG - Summit White/Daybreak/White/Black colorway on a white background.

If you’re looking for a hot golf shoe, none are flying off their virtual shelves than this one, an absolute beast and one of the best Nike golf shoes of 2024. The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG is a standout golf shoe that has been making waves in the golfing community. This shoe is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Its unique design, which features a luxurious blend of iridescent and glossy finishes, sets it apart from the crowd, making it a top choice for all golfers.

What makes this shoe stand out is its dynamic response system. The shoe’s forefoot is equipped with an Air Zoom unit that adapts to your every step, providing excellent energy return during your swing. This feature enhances your performance by ensuring that your footwork doesn’t hinder your swing. The shoe also excels in providing breathable comfort. It’s made of a breathable textile that keeps your feet cool, even during intense rounds. The shoe’s design contours to your foot, providing support and comfort with every step. Plus, the plush, padded collar helps prevent your heel from slipping as you move.

The optimal grip feature of this shoe is another highlight. The shoe has a supportive plate with six integrated spikes and a traction pattern based on data. This design provides exceptional grip, ensuring stability during your swing. The spikes are strategically placed under the Air Zoom unit, enhancing energy return and comfort during your round.

Tiger Woods ’13 – White/Pine Green/Cool Grey/Black

Tiger Woods '13 - White/Pine Green/Cool Grey/Black colorway on a light gray background.

While the man is no longer with Nike, these golf shoes deserve the same love as before, before Tiger left. The Tiger Woods ’13 golf shoe is another ionic-designed offering from Nike that has made a triumphant return on its 10th anniversary. This shoe is not just a piece of footwear, but a piece of history, being the first true Tiger retro. It’s a game-changer that was ahead of its time when it was first released, and even now, it continues to impress with its unique features and performance.

The shoe offers the unique fit and feel of Nike Free technology, providing all-round comfort that will have you (Tiger) roaring with satisfaction after those post-putt fist pumps. The outsole is designed to keep you steady, allowing you to channel your inner Woods and celebrate those massive tee shots down the fairway.

The design of the Tiger Woods ’13 was inspired by Tiger himself. Being an avid enthusiast of Nike Free shoes off the links, Tiger wanted a golf shoe that offered the same fit and feel as his training shoes. The result was a shoe that combined comfort and performance in a way that changed golf shoes as we know them. In terms of performance, the Tiger Woods ’13 has been praised for its comfort, thanks to the Nike Free technology. The shoe feels natural to walk and swing in, making it a joy to wear on the golf course. The shoe’s design is also reminiscent of Nike’s original waffle design, adding a touch of nostalgia. Truly one of the best Nike golf shoes out now.

Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G NRG – White/Hot Punch

Nike Air Max 1 '86 OG G NRG in a white and hot punch colorway on a grey background.

The Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G NRG emerges as a standout in the realm of top-tier golf footwear for 2024, not solely for its on-course prowess but also for its homage to the original Air Max 1 sneaker. This shoe garners a cult following among both sneaker aficionados and golf enthusiasts alike. Sporting the hallmark Air Max cushioning, it delivers unparalleled comfort throughout your golfing expedition. Teamed with a robust rubber outsole, it promises adaptable traction, catering to diverse course terrains.

In comparison to its Nike counterparts, these kicks boast a noticeably sturdier feel, with the sole offering a tad less springiness than anticipated, prompting most to recommend sizing up for optimal comfort. Yet, despite these minor nuances, the Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G NRG is crafted from premium materials, ensuring enduring performance. Its timeless design seamlessly marries functionality with flair – a quintessential golf shoe for devoted sneakerheads.

Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG – White/Black

Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG - White/Black colorway on a gray colored background.

The Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG is a golf shoe that’s making a statement in the golfing world. This shoe is a modern evolution of the classic AJ1 Low, featuring an iridescent double Swoosh design and metallic finishes that hint at the future of golf. The shoe maintains the iconic elements of the original AJ1, including the Nike Air cushioning, Wings logo, and genuine leather. These features, combined with a traction pattern designed for the golf course, make this shoe a standout choice and a style statement — one that’s sure to turn heads.

One of the key benefits of this shoe is its genuine leather and bold color blocking, which recreate the classic iconic AJ1 look. The Nike Air unit in the heel cushions every step, providing comfort throughout your game. The shoe also features an integrated traction pattern, which includes a forefoot pivot circle. This design is based on the original outsole, ensuring that you get the grip you need on the golf course. The shoe’s traction has been highlighted as a strong point, performing well in both dry and damp conditions — just don’t get any mud on your J’s.

Nike Victory Pro 3 Golf Shoe – White/Pure Platinum/Black

The Nike Victory Pro 3 Golf Shoe - White/Pure Platinum/Black colorway on a white background.

The Nike Victory Pro 3 golf shoe stands out as a prime contender amidst the best Nike golf shoes, and here’s why it’s a cut above the rest: Firstly, it’s all about adaptability. Be it a quick session at the range or a lengthy tournament spanning four days, this shoe is engineered to meet your needs. The detachable spikes revolutionize the game, seamlessly locking into the outsole to grant superior traction and connection with the ground across various terrains. So, whether you’re navigating a damp, mucky course or a dry, sandy one, these kicks will keep you rooted.

The synthetic leather infusion lends a dash of refinement to the shoe. Yet, it’s not just about aesthetics – the material boasts a plush feel, elevating the overall comfort quotient. Another feather in its cap is the feather-light tongue, ensuring blissful comfort atop your foot, a godsend during those lengthy strolls on the course. Furthermore, the shoe boasts a one-year waterproof guarantee, a classic lace-up system for a snug fit, and a foam midsole for that extra dose of comfort.

Oh, and let’s not forget the steal of a deal they offer, coming in at well under $150

Best older model Nikes:  Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe – Black/White

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe - Black/White colorway on a white background.

The Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe maintains its relevance in 2024 thanks to its fusion of comfort, flair, and performance. Praised for its featherlight and breathable upper materials, it ensures a refreshing coolness, rendering it an ideal companion for summertime rounds. With its plush foam midsole, the shoe guarantees a soft landing, amplifying comfort throughout extended play.

Moreover, the Roshe G earns our praises for its affordability, positioning it as an excellent option for golfers just getting into golf, yet timeless enough for the time-honored vets. Despite its pocket-friendly price tag, it refuses to compromise on foot support and cushioning. Engineered with an integrated traction pattern, meticulously mapped to distribute grip strategically, it furnishes stability during every swing — a top choice for Nike golf shoes regardless of the year.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 – Black/White

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 - Black/White colorway on a white background.

A slightly older model, the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 stands out as an exceptional golf shoe that can still maintain a top-tier status in 2024. Seamlessly blending timeless elegance with cutting-edge technology, it presents a refined and minimalist aesthetic without compromising on performance.

Crafted with a full-grain leather upper, the shoe exudes sophistication while offering a luxurious, supple feel. An internal strap molds to the contours of your foot, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Beneath the heel, the harmonious partnership between the Zoom Air unit and Nike React foam delivers responsive cushioning, facilitating a seamless and enjoyable walking experience throughout the entirety of your game, from the inaugural tee-off to the final putt on the 18th hole.

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes – White/Black

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes - White/Black colorway on a white background.

Another Air Max model on our list, the Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes, a modern twist on the iconic classic, remain as relevant today as ever. With its enduring street-style appeal and built-in traction, it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and fashion on the golf course. Enhanced by a breathable mesh upper, it ensures optimal airflow and comfort, while a sleek, flexible overlay adds a waterproof layer, keeping your feet dry and content throughout your round.

Equipped with Air Max technology and a foam-infused midsole, the shoe offers plush cushioning for enduring comfort. The Air Max unit nestled in the heel amplifies this comfort, making it an ideal companion for marathon games or weekend-long golf trips.