When it comes to cutting-edge footwear and gear, no other brand successfully manages to remain timeless and innovative for longer than the legendary Nike brand. However, 2024 is as up-to-date as any year, with a consistent emergence of new brands. But, Nike is unbeatable, on top especially in the golf equipment. Today, we are going to be focusing on what we think are the best Nike golf shoes for this year. Nike brand, holding the ground with a wide range of models and its new crossover ideas, is still leading the golf footwear world. The exceptionally high quality of their products, performance, and style is unique, which explains the wide popularity of the brand among golfers around the globe.

When shopping this year’s best Nike golf shoes, you’ll note they are more beautifully designed than ever. From the classical signature styles to the most recent upgrades, Nike provides all the choices for you to bring your A-game to the tees and greens. There is a Nike shoe for everybody, whether you are a golf expert or a novice who just joined, there is a pair of shoes that will help you take your game to the next level.

The role of our guide is to accompany you through the wide variety of the best Nike golf shoes and to make sure that you get the right pair for your money. We’ll give you first-class advice to help you do the best you can before deciding. Therefore, swing that golf club hard and gain an edge with a good pair of the best Nike golf shoes. Whether you are a true sneakerhead hunting for a high-street basketball-inspired crossover or a traditionalist wanting simplicity and sharp lines, these are our top picks.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG – Summit White/Daybreak/White/Black

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG - Summit White/Daybreak/White/Black colorway on a white background.

When it is all about the hottest golf footwear,  one of the best is the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG is an excellent pick. This golf shoe is one creating ripples among the golfing community. This shoe unites the qualities of coolness, ease, and functionality. Its standout design, which combines luxurious iridescent and glossy finishes, has become a hallmark feature that distinguishes this model from others making it the best deal for all golf lovers.

This shoe is differentiated by what it refers to as a dynamic response system. The Air Zoom unit is placed in the shoe’s forefoot area, which is designed to respond to each step you make. This feature gives the shoe excellent energy return during your swing. This function is an advantage to your game because it lets you move your feet confidently without distracting your swing. Other than that, this shoe is amazing in the fact that it keeps the feet breathable and comfortable. It is made of a textile that allows air to pass through, keeping them cool even in strenuous rounds. The shoe’s patented fit technology hugs your feet, allowing for the perfect mix of support and comfort at every step.

Optimal grip is probably the most important element of this shoe. The shoe has an insole with six spikes that wrap around the bottom and a data based traction pattern. The spikes are specifically positioned on the midsole, beneath the Air Zoom unit, which improves cushioning and responsiveness as you take to the course.

Tiger Woods ’13 – White/Pine Green/Cool Grey/Black

Tiger Woods '13 - White/Pine Green/Cool Grey/Black colorway on a light gray background.

The last ionic-designed shoe from Nike makes a comeback to make a triumphant return — the Tiger Woods ’13 golf shoe marks its 10th anniversary. This shoe is not merely a golf shoe, it’s a piece of history, as the first Tiger true Retro. Compare it to its original release, and even now, it has a lot of features that go beyond what is found in most other picks.

The shoe is the next level of Nike Free technology, offering the fit and the feel that would have (Tiger) flexing muscles with supreme comfort after your post-putt fist pumps. The outsole offers you the stability you need to focus on driving those big shots like a pro as your tee shots go straight down the fairway.

Tiger Woods ’13 was designed according to how Tiger presented himself as a player. Tiger Woods, as an avid fan of Nike Free shoes on and off the greens, wished to have golf shoes that were just as fit and comfortable as his training shoes. The final product was a shoe that can be used both for comfort and to improve performance, thus the way we play golf will never be the same. Unlike the other version, the T. Woods ’13 has received a great deal of praise for it’s comfort, the reason being the Nike Free technology. The shoe does not feel like an obstacle, rather it blends with the walk and move, thus making it a pleasure to wear on the golf course. The shoe’s layout also goes back to Nike’s first waffle design, which gives it a taste of nostalgia. In reality, it is one of the best Nike golf shoes that are currently on the market.

Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G NRG – White/Hot Punch

Nike Air Max 1 '86 OG G NRG in a white and hot punch colorway on a grey background.

The Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G NRG comes forth as the cream of the crop amongst top golf shoes for this year. Not only does it deliver top-notch performance on the fairways, but also it pays homage to the famed Nike Air Max 1 shoes from 1986. The sale of this shoe generates a fan following not only among the sneakerheads but also the golf players, and everyone in between. The Air Max brand, with its signature cushioning, is not only the most comfortable but also provides support and stability in all your golfing expeditions. There is also a fitting rubber outsole teamed with the footwear which provides adaptive traction making the shoes suitable for the golf courses of varying terrains.

What the Air Max 90 brings to the table in comparison to Nike’s other models is a lot more pronounced, with the shoe being noticeably sturdier, although the sole is a bit less springy than expected, which is something most reviewers recommend going up half a size for the best comfort. On the other hand, the Nike Air Max 1 ’86 NRG G OG resembles the design of the original model from 1986, but with high-quality materials to provide long-lasting performance. The crew rider shoe’s classic design effortlessly blends practicality with style, a true sneakerhead’s dream card. Plus, we just love the hot punch color!

Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG – White/Black

Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG - White/Black colorway on a gray colored background.

The Air Jordan 1 Low G NRG is a golf shoe that’s not only bringing style but also a change of pace in the golfing arena. This shoe is an AJ1 Low’s contemporary style with an iridescent double Swoosh design and slick metallic touches that offer an insight into the future of golf. They keep the signature features of the old AJ1, including air cushioning, wings logo, and genuine leather. These characteristics, along with a tread pattern which is uniquely designed for a golf course, make this shoe a shining example and a fashion statement for all golfers alike — one that’s sure to turn many heads.

Not only the fact that it is made of genuine leather but also the bright color blocked design that is aimed at recreating the classic iconic AJ1 style is the key advantage. The Nike Air unit right in the heel is what cushions each of your steps, bringing comfort during the whole game. The shoe comes with an integrated traction pattern too, which has the forefoot pivot circle as a part of it. This design is based on the original outsole, the traction of which you can be sure on the golf course. Traction of the shoe has been named as the most important feature of the shoe, which has done very well in both dry and wet surfaces — just don’t get any mud on your J’s.

Best older model Nikes:  Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe – Black/White

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe - Black/White colorway on a white background.

Nike’s Roshe G golf shoe still stands out in the 2024 market space by combining comfort, style, and performance. As the name suggests, this shoe has a very featherlight and breathable upper material. These qualities keep your feet cool and fresh, making it an excellent choice for summer golf games. Softening the midsole with its built-in plush foam assures a soft landing during play, further enhancing the comfort that is essential for longer sessions.

Last but not least, the Roshe G is our choice of the most affordable golf shoe, and it’s the perfect choice for beginners who are just starting out. Also, it has that nostalgic factor that makes it the most treasured option for veterans who have been playing for decades. However, it does not provide foot stability and cushioning as other models do, but it has a very competitive price, which is paramount, but comfort to boot. The shoe is made by using a sole that has traction integrated in a way that is mapped to the soles and evenly distributes the friction. Therefore, it provides steadiness at each swing. For these reasons, it is one of the best Nike golf shoes year in an year out.

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes – White/Black

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes - White/Black colorway on a white background.

Yet another Air Max model on our list, the Nike Air Max 90 G golf shoes, a modern twist on the iconic classic, maintains the same status as it used to, even today. The sneakers have a timeless street-style look and the comfort and traction it offers is exceptional, making them the perfect shoes to wear on the golf course — where you can have fun and look good. Made of breathable mesh that allows for optimum air circulation and comfort, the shoe comes with a sleek flexible overlay that not only adds a waterproof layer but keeps your feet dry and happy all through the round of golf.