When it comes to indoor exercise bikes, there is still one name that reigns king: the Peloton bike. Enhancing the Peloton experience goes beyond the bike itself, encompassing a range of accessories designed to optimize workouts. Our guide compiles the top Peloton bike accessories available on the market, including water bottles, specialized backpacks, towels, and more. These accessories cater to the diverse needs of Peloton users, offering functional and convenient solutions to amplify the workout experience and foster a comprehensive fitness regimen.

As you explore our guide, you’ll discover a selection of the best Peloton accessories designed to complement your exercise routine. From purpose-built water bottles to comfier seat cushions and high-quality shoes, these accessories are tailored to meet different preferences, helping you choose items that align with your Peloton workouts, ensuring a more engaging and comfortable fitness journey.

Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike+ on a white background.

This exceptional exercise bike redefines cardio workouts through immersive technology, elevating your fitness journey. The Peloton Bike+ offers a holistic workout experience, seamlessly transitioning from cycling to strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. Stack classes for diverse exercises that keep you engaged. The Peloton All-Access Membership, sold separately for $44 per month, grants unlimited access to the extensive content library on your Bike+ and the Peloton App, making it an investment in boundless fitness possibilities.

Compact and versatile, the Peloton Bike+ is designed for small spaces with its 4′ x 2′ footprint and adjustable features, accommodating various heights. Its innovative design includes a rotating screen, a high-quality speaker system, and manual or auto-resistance options for a dynamic workout. The touchscreen is user-friendly, equipped with advanced features for a seamless experience, such as USB-C charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and entertainment options like streaming services.

Offering a diverse array of classes across multiple disciplines, including cycling, strength training, yoga, and more, the Peloton Bike+ motivates with over 50 instructors. On-screen metrics track your progress, monitoring speed, resistance, heart rate, and power, syncing your performance with the instructor’s class. The Peloton Bike+ also integrates with wearable devices like Apple Watch or Android devices for easy fitness tracking.

Experience a wide range of workouts, from outdoor classes to gamified cycling experiences with Peloton Lanebreak. Find motivation from an array of instructors catering to various moods and energy levels, all aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals. The Peloton Bike+ isn’t just an exercise bike; it’s a complete fitness ecosystem that encourages and monitors your progress every step of the way.

Peloton Cycling Shoes

Peloton Cycling Shoes on a white background.

Peloton Shoes are meticulously crafted to elevate your Peloton workout, boasting delta-compatible bike cleats for seamless clipping in and out on the Peloton Bike or Bike+. The shoes offer an adjustable and secure fit through a quick ratchet clip and hook and loop straps, ensuring a snug and personalized feel for optimal performance.

Designed for comfort, these shoes feature breathable mesh vents and a stiff sole that facilitates efficient power transfer, enabling riders to endure longer sessions without discomfort. While specifically tailored for the Peloton Bike experience, these shoes are also compatible with other stationary bikes requiring delta-compatible cleats, ensuring a versatile and effective workout accessory.

Doubleplus Pedal Converter – Peloton/Peloton Bike+ Compatible

Doubleplus Pedal Converter - Peloton/Peloton Bike+ Compatible on a white background.

For those who are not a big fan of cycling shoes and do not want to clip in, this is the must-own Peloton bike accessory for you. The Doubleplus Pedals offer compatibility with Peloton bike pedals found on the “OG” Bike and Bike+, featuring a threaded design to boost traction and prevent slippage and injuries during workouts.

Specifically tailored for these Peloton models, the pedal converters seamlessly connect to the bike, minimizing noise and allowing users to concentrate on training, doubling the enjoyment and experience. Ideal for sharing among friends and family, these pedal plates eliminate the need for specialized cycling shoes, providing a convenient solution for those without such footwear. With easy installation and removal, these pedals allow effortless switching between floor exercises and bike workouts, ensuring a smooth transition without the necessity of wearing cycling shoes.

Peloton Bike Mat – Black

Peloton Bike Mat - Black colored on a white background.

The Peloton Mat offers a protective barrier, crafted from high-density material, shielding your floors from scuff marks and sweat during intense workouts on the Peloton Bike or Bike+. Measuring 72 x 36 inches and 4 mm thick, it easily fits under your equipment and can be trimmed to suit your workout space. Not only does it safeguard your floors, but it also extends the lifespan of your bike by preventing dust and carpet fibers from entering its mechanical parts.

Designed to provide stability, particularly on carpeted floors, this mat minimizes rocking during your ride and endures the wear and tear of regular workouts. It’s sweat and salt-resistant materials make post-ride cleaning hassle-free, recommending occasional wipe-downs to maintain its quality.

Crostice Wide Bike Seat Compatible – Black/Red 

Crostice Wide Bike Seat Compatible - Black/Red  colorway on a white background.

The Crostice bike seat offers a blend of ample size, softness, and support, revolutionizing the riding experience. Its unique design not only ensures comfort but also adds a distinctive and cool aesthetic to your bike, creating a unique touch. The patented new design, featuring an exclusive arch-shaped back crossbar, facilitates easier adjustments to the seat angle, providing added convenience.

This seat boasts an ergonomic design, significantly reducing pressure on the lower back and abdomen, promoting a comfortable ride for individuals of all sizes and genders. Crafted with environmentally friendly leather and a non-slip texture, it’s waterproof and easy to clean, eliminating concerns about hygiene when sharing the saddle. A simple wipe with water or wet wipes keeps it clean, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable biking experience for all.

Peloton Weight Set – Black

Peloton Weight Set (2 lbs. each) - Black colored on a white background.

The Peloton Light Weights are meticulously designed for the Peloton Bike and Bike+, fitting seamlessly into the weight holders at the back, offering convenient storage. Available in pairs of 1 lb., 2 lbs., or 3 lbs., these weights facilitate a full-body workout, targeting muscles beyond the cycling experience. Their versatility extends beyond the bike, ideal for various exercises like beginner arm workouts, toning, and shadowboxing, aligning with Peloton Guide workouts.

Constructed from durable cast iron, these weights endure frequent use, remaining robust even after repeated insertion and removal from the bike’s weight holders. The nonslip grip, thanks to the rubberized coating, ensures a secure hold, reducing noise and vibration if accidentally dropped or while in storage. Their ergonomic design allows a comfortable grip during workouts, featuring flattened edges that prevent rolling. Moreover, the sweat and salt-resistant materials make cleaning a breeze, maintaining hygiene and ensuring a long-lasting quality.

Peloton Guide

Peloton Guide on a white background.

While both bike models have stunning, immersive screens, sometimes bigger is better. The Peloton Guide transforms your TV into an AI-powered personal trainer, offering a motivating strength training experience through innovative camera technology and top-tier instructors suitable for all fitness levels.

Membership for the Guide, sold separately at $24 per month for up to five users, provides access to exclusive content on the Guide and the Peloton App. Users of the existing All-Access Membership do not require a separate Guide Membership, while App Members can upgrade to access Guide content.

Featuring structured multi-week strength programs led by elite instructors such as Strength Splits, Floor Bootcamp, and Pump Up the Volume, the Guide assists users in reaching their fitness goals. Its Rep Tracker function, akin to a personal trainer, counts reps, sets targets, and tracks lifted weights, enhancing progress and strength development. The Rep Tracker also monitors time-based exercises like planks.

The Self Mode feature displays users alongside instructors on-screen, enabling real-time comparison of form during workouts, from bicep curls to squats. Moreover, the Guide provides personalized class recommendations based on previous muscle engagement, offering classes specifically tailored for the Guide, including Floor Bootcamp, Split Programs, and Strength Roll Call.

Compact and easily installable under or on top of your TV, the Peloton Guide requires approximately 4 ½ ft x 6 ft of space, providing an efficient and convenient home workout solution for strength training enthusiasts.

Gatorade Gx 30 oz. Bottle – Glitched Berry

Gatorade Gx 30 oz. Water Bottle - Glitched berry colorway on a white background.

The Gatorade Gx 30 oz. Bottle introduces a customizable hydration experience through its Gx platform, offering a unique flip-cap that works in conjunction with the formula pod to tailor your preferred flavor. This innovative design features a high-flow valve that prevents leaks or spills, ensuring a mess-free experience during use.

Designed with a 30 oz. capacity, the bottle comes in a variety of color options and exhibits an ergonomic shape for comfortable handling. The inclusion of a no-slip Gator-Skin exterior ensures a secure grip, and its BPA-free composition guarantees safety. Additionally, the bottle is dishwasher safe, allowing for convenient and easy cleaning after use — we recommend the stunning glitched berry design.

Crostice Phone Holder 

Crostice Phone Holder on a white background.

The Crostice phone mount elevates your riding experience by offering a versatile solution for your belongings. Compatible with the Peloton OG Bike and Bike+, this phone tray accommodates various phone sizes and even other small items like Airpods, remotes, beauty items, or watches, providing ample space for essentials during your workout.

Crafted with high-quality design features based on user feedback, this mount is capable of securely holding a tablet, carefully measured to prevent items from falling or obstructing the Bike+ screen rotation. Equipped with top-quality silicone non-slip mats and durable, elastic, yet thick rubber bands, it perfectly aligns with the handlebar of the Peloton Bike and Bike+, ensuring a secure and stable grip for your devices and accessories.