Their long-lasting design allows them to withstand the roughness of concrete or asphalt and still offer superior grip and control, particularly when weather is less than perfect. Armed with the best outdoor basketballs, you will easily demonstrate your skills, shoot those smooth jumpers, and elevate your game. So, if you are ready to rule the outdoor courts, here you go, some of the best outdoor basketballs that will improve your game.

What to consider when searching for a ball

When searching for an outdoor basketball, keep the following factors in mind to ensure you find the perfect one:

  1. Size:
    Consider the appropriate size for your age and skill level. Standard sizes include 5 (youth – 27.5″), 6 (Women’s/intermediate – 28.5″), and 7 (Men’s/official – 29.5″).
  2. Durability:
    Look for a basketball specifically designed for outdoor use, with robust materials that can withstand rough surfaces without losing shape or integrity.
  3. Grip:
    Opt for a basketball with excellent grip, even in wet conditions. Look for deep channels and textured surfaces that enhance ball control.
  4. Material:
    Decide between composite and rubber basketballs. Composite offers enhanced grip and a softer feel, while rubber is more durable and better suited for rough outdoor surfaces.
  5. Cost:
    Set a budget that aligns with your needs and preferences. Balance your desired quality with affordability.
  6. Air retention:
    Check reviews or product descriptions to ensure the basketball has good air retention capabilities, so you won’t need to constantly reinflate it.

Keeping these in mind, you can make an informed decision and find a ball that suits your playing style and meets your requirements. Without further ado, here are the eight best outdoor basketballs of 2024.

Baden Crossover Basketball – Brown

Baden Crossover Basketball - Brown on a white background.

Nike Everyday Playground Next Nature Basketball

Nike Everyday Playground Next Nature Basketball on a white background.

Hopefully, this nostalgic ball will bring back fond memories from your childhood. Designed for use in the outdoors, the Nike Everyday Playground Next Nature basketball is constructed from rubber and offers a good quality basketball that is built to last for years on end. It has a pebble design that is textured and deep channels for better grip and control. This is part of the Nike Move to Zero campaign, and the ball is constructed from recycled materials in keeping with this ethos. It has a multi-color design, it is both functional and beautiful, it is also quite sturdy to withstand the use on playgrounds. If you live to let your inner kid out, this is the choice for you.

Spalding React TF-250 basketball – Orange

Spalding React TF-250 basketball - Orange colored on a light gray background.

Spalding React TF-250 Outdoor Basketball is a high-quality basketball for indoor and outdoor use, but we think it is perfect for the asphalt. The composite cover is very durable and this makes it easy to control and handle during fast-paced games on the asphalt court. The Spalding basketball with React technology offers excellent bounce that will do well on any court surface and will last all season long. The wide channel design of TF-250 allows for hand alignment and ball control allowing players to perform swift moves with a solid grip.

All in all, this ball is reliable as it offers fantastic grip, uniform bounce and it is extremely durable. This basketball was designed for the gym or a court outside, to be played under the same rigors of the game and to improve your overall performance.

Molten GG7X Official International Competition Game Ball – Orange/Cream

Orange and cream colored Molten GG7x official international game basketball on a white background.


Ready to take your game to the international stage? Then you must be prepared and make sure you pick up the official game ball of international play, which is fully certified by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) — the Molten GG7X. Authenticity guaranteed to avoid counterfeit replicants (which is a thing among international official game balls, apparently), this ball features a premium leather composite that is soft to the touch while also providing an excellent grip.

The cover is wear-resistant, allowing it to hold up to your training or game sessions, time after time, while the Butyl inner bladder holds air extremely well, minimizing leaks. This ball can be played on all surfaces, from hardwood indoors to outdoor concrete or plastic flooring.

Spalding Street Basketball – Burnt orange

Spalding Outdoor basketball Street ball on a white background


One thing is for sure when selecting a basketball whose sole purpose is for the street or park courts — it needs to be durable. Enter the Spalding Street outdoor basketball. Just by looking at the sheer number of reviews this basketball has on Amazon, you know you are getting a solid outdoor basketball that can take a beating during a pickup game of streetball.

With a performance cover rubber material, this basketball is built for the elements, is affordable, and will outlast longer than any others. Zero break-in period; simply inflate the ball to your desired bounce and get ready to game on. Bonus points: this basketball is very grippy considering the material cover (most other rubber-based balls start too slick).

AND1 Xcelerate rubber basketball – Classic orange

AND1 Xcelerate rubber basketball - Classic orange colorway on a white background.

The AND1 Xcelerate basketball has a deep channel design which enables correct hand alignment and improved ball control helping all players to make their moves with confidence. A high-quality inner bladder ensures superior air retention, allowing you to have constant performance for as long as you play or practice. This is particularly important following a whole summer of playing outside on a concrete court. Whether you are playing in a competitive game or practicing to polish your skills, the AND1 Xcelerate basketball is built for serious players. It comes in amber and black colors that are rather lively, giving it a stylish touch, so it is a perfect choice for asphalt ballers.

Wilson NCAA Elevate Basketball – Red orangeBest outdoor basketball, the Wilson NCAA Elevate in orange on a white background.


Cheap, durable, can hold air forever, has a solid bounce, and a tacky, soft grip, there is no reason you wouldn’t want to pick up one of the best outdoor basketballs: the Wilson NCAA Elevate. With just shy of 16,000 reviews on Amazon and 80% being a 5-star rating, the proof is in the pudding.

Nike Elite Tournament official basketball – Amber

Nike Elite Tournament official basketball - Amber color on a white background.

A wise buy for people who are seriously dedicated to their street ball games, this Nike Elite Tournament Official basketball is a high level competition basketball. It has a quality composite leather cover which gives a nice feel and high durability, making it good for the roughest pick-up games.

Featuring wide channels and deep pebble design, this basketball ensures excellent grip and control, enabling the players to feel confident while handling the ball and performing their moves with accuracy. With the advanced bladder design, the ball retains air pressure optimally ensuring a uniform performance for the duration of the game, outliving most others in the market today – longevity is a huge factor for a good outdoor ball.

The Elite Tournament ball satisfies the rigorous requirements of professional and tournament play, which makes it a popular option for dedicated basketball players. Sleek in design, with the instantly recognizable Nike Swoosh logo, it adds a bit of flair to the court. One of the best outdoor basketballs, it is perfect for both competitive games and skill practice.

Spalding TF Series Zi/O “All Surface” basketball – Brown

Spalding TF Series Zi/O basketball - Brown colored on a white background.

Spalding Zi/O All Surface basketball is, as the name suggests, an all-surface basketball designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The ball possesses a Zi/O composite leather cover that ensures a gentle and comfortable feel, as well as its durability in the face of various playing surfaces. With a deep channel design and foam-backed construction, this basketball delivers better grip and control allowing the player to hold the ball firmly and make accurate plays on the court. It is the perfect size and weight for competitive games and for practice sessions and is more rugged for outdoor play.

The Spalding Zi/O basketball is designed to provide consistent performance and reliable bounce thus making the game fun for all levels of players. If you play inside a gym or on a street court, this basketball is designed for everyone’s game.

Nike Jordan Legacy 2.0 Basketball – Black

Nike Jordan Legacy 2.0 Basketball - Black colored on a white background.

This basketball is created in honor of the tradition of the Jordan Brand icon, combining a style and functionality to perform like no other. A composite leather cover gives the durability with a nice touch that permits precise ball control and consistent shots. The deep grooves on the face give better hold that is necessary for ball dribbling and control. When playing at outdoor courts or indoor gyms, the Legacy 2 will provide you with comfort and support. Keep the tradition of the Jordan Brand alive, the standard for quality driven gear.

Outdoor performance guaranteed

Regardless of which one you opt for, all have something they can bring to the table, ensuring you’ll be able to shoot all summer long — weather permitting, that is.