So, to help you avoid making that crucial mistake, we researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the 10 best indoor & outdoor basketballs to buy in 2024.

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Things to be aware of when shopping

Here are a couple of the main differences you will come across when basketball shopping:

  • Basketball size – One of the main things you want to pay attention to when shopping for a basketball is to select the appropriate size. A men’s ball is 29.5”, a woman’s ball is 28.5”, and there are two youth sizes, 27.5” and 25.5”.
  • Basketball color – Basketballs can come in a variety of colors. Generally, most basketballs will be in the signature burnt orange colorway, yet you can find custom options from blacked-out, all solid colors, striped, and so on. Most leagues will require a burnt orange color.
  • Basketball material – This will be a significant factor in choosing a basketball. Most indoor basketballs will be leather, which will also be on the pricier side. A synthetic material ball is best for the outdoors and does not require a break-in period like most leather balls need.
  • Counterfeits – Yes, this is a thing, especially on the International scene with fakes claiming to be FIBA certified. Make sure to research if you purchase an “officially licensed” ball specific to certain associations.

Wilson NBA Authentic Series Indoor/Outdoor

The best indoor or outdoor basketball the orange Wilson NBA Authentic series is pictured on a white background.

The Wilson NBA Authentic Series basketball is one of the best options for a durable yet affordable ball for indoor and outdoor use Wilson is the official basketball of the NBA, and this version features a microfiber grip, soft yet durable. The perfect bounce with an air retention lining ensures your ball stays inflated longer.

Spalding NeverFlat Elite Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

An orange Spalding Neverflat Elite basketball on a white background.

Another excellent option for those looking for a versatile basketball to be used both on the hardwood floors or on the concrete park courts, this option from Spalding has everything you need—affordability and a composite material cover that lasts long while providing the perfect grip. You will need help finding a better dual-purpose ball.

Molten GG7X Official International Competition Game Ball – Indoors/Outdoors

Orange and cream colored Molten GG7x official international game basketball on a white background.

Ready to take your game to the International stage? Then you must be prepared and make sure you pick up the official game ball of International play, which is fully certified by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) — the Molten GG7X. Authenticity guaranteed to avoid counterfeit replicants (which is a thing among International official game balls, apparently), this ball features a premium leather composite that is soft to the touch while also providing an excellent grip.

The cover is wear-resistant, allowing it to hold up to your training or game sessions, time after time, while the Butyl inner bladder holds air extremely well, minimizing leaks. This ball can be played on all surfaces, from hardwood indoors to outdoor concrete or plastic flooring.

Spalding Layup Mini Rubber Outdoor Basketball

Spalding Layup Mini Rubber Outdoor Basketball on a light gray background.

Looking for a fun option to still get in some reps? The Spalding Layup Mini Rubber Outdoor Basketball is perfect for outdoor fun and games. Made with durable rubber, it offers reliable performance and grip on various surfaces. Whether you’re shooting hoops in the driveway or playing a pickup game at the park, this mini basketball is designed to provide hours of enjoyment for all ages. It’s also a great training tool, due to its small-sized nature, that can really challenge your dribbling skills.

Wilson NCAA Legend Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Wilson NCAA Legend ball in orange for the best indoor or outdoor basketball on a white background.

If affordability drives your purchase decision, consider the Wilson Evolution basketball. With a lower price point than the ever-popular Wilson Evolution basketball, this NCAA Legend ball is still a solid overall pick. It features a composite cover for superior grip and control. It also has a pressure lock bladder to ensure it stays inflated for hours.

The best part about buying this model from Amazon — you can select from two colorways, traditional orange or a vintage-looking brown, and the exact ball size you need (comes in 29.5″, 28.5″, 27.5″). The ball is multi-purpose for hardwood or street courts, which is why we highly recommend it.

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball – Indoors

Wilson evolution game ball on a white background.

The preferred basketball among high schools for their basketball programs goes to the Wilson Evolution, which also happens to be the official game ball brand (Wilson) of the NBA. This game ball features a faux leather composite material cover with a microfiber grip that perfectly controls the basketball no matter how hard you work and sweat.

With the durability to last the entire season and beyond, it’s no wonder most schools pick the Wilson Evolution as their official game ball. This basketball is also NFHS certified for game action as well. When performance matters, this is the ball that matters most.

Spalding Street Basketball – Outdoors

Spalding Outdoor basketball Street ball on a white background

One thing is for sure when selecting a basketball whose sole purpose is for the street or park courts — it needs to be durable. Enter the Spalding Street outdoor basketball. Just by looking at the sheer number of reviews this basketball has on Amazon, you know you are getting a solid outdoor basketball that can take a beating during a pickup game of streetball.

With a performance cover rubber material, this basketball is built for the elements, is affordable, and will outlast longer than any others. Zero break-in period; simply inflate the ball to your desired bounce and get ready to game on. Bonus points: this basketball is very grippy considering the material cover (most other rubber-based balls start too slick).

Wilson NCAA Elevate Basketball – OutdoorsBest outdoor basketball, the Wilson NCAA Elevate in orange on a white background.

Cheap, durable, can hold air forever, has a solid bounce, and a tacky, soft grip, there is no reason you wouldn’t want to pick up one of the best outdoor basketballs: the Wilson NCAA Elevate. With just shy of 16,000 reviews on Amazon and 80% being a 5-star rating, the proof is in the pudding.

Wilson NBA official game ball – Indoors

Wilson NBA official game ball on a light gray background.

If there is one ball to get for serious, amateur, semi, or professional ballers, this would be the one. As the official ball used in NBA games, it guarantees top-quality performance and durability on the court. With its superior grip and precision construction, this basketball ensures optimal handling and accurate shooting. Whether you’re a pro player or a passionate fan, the Wilson NBA official game ball offers an authentic and reliable basketball experience.

Featuring genuine leather and the iconic NBA logo, this basketball is instantly recognizable and adheres to the official size and weight regulations approved by the NBA, providing consistency and familiarity for players. Whether you’re competing in intense games or honing your skills during practice, this basketball delivers a true bounce and feel that replicates those used by professional athletes. Elevate your game and embrace the genuine NBA atmosphere with the Wilson official game basketball.

SpaldingTF Model M Official Leather Indoor Game Basketball – Indoors

SpaldingTF Model M Official Leather Indoor Game Basketball - Indoors on a light gray background.

The Spalding TF Model M Official Leather Indoor Game Basketball is designed to deliver exceptional performance on indoor courts. Made with high-quality leather, this basketball offers superior grip and control. It’s an ideal choice for serious players and competitive games, ensuring a smooth and precise playing experience.

Get ready to ball out 

With innumerable options available today, finding the perfect basketball is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for you, we did the research, and this list has a choice for any type of hooper looking to become the next NBA great