When Coach Prime puts his stamp of approval on something, especially in regards to products and merch, you’re almost guaranteed that it’ll sell certified platinum or, in his case, certified Prime gold — just look at the amazing success he has had with the sunglasses giant, Blenders eyewear (yes, we highly recommend you pick up a pair if you have not done so, yet). So, the next big product Coach Prime has put his stamp of approval on just so happens to be one that you can pick up today as well!

Deion Sanders recently featured TAFT shoes on Sports Illustrated and his personal Instagram account, showcasing his genuine affection for the brand. In the unboxing, Deion unwrapped three of TAFT’s exceptional shoe designs, expressing his admiration, stating, “Quality brand with versatility. That’s clean.”

TAFT, known for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and timeless style, has been gaining recognition in the fashion industry. Every pair of TAFT shoes, meticulously handcrafted, radiates exceptional quality and individuality. Deion Sanders’ endorsement is a testament to TAFT’s dedication to producing extraordinary footwear that seamlessly combines quality, style, and versatility. Here are the three Prime-approved TAFT shoes, with a few more we think can fit into anyone’s closet!

Coach Prime’s picks: TAFT Rapido High-top Sneaker – Brown Woven

TAFT Rapido High-top Sneaker - Brown Woven color on a white background.

The Rapido High-top Sneaker in Brown Woven is a masterful work of artistry, merging vintage ’80s charm with contemporary luxury. These high-top sneakers are meticulously crafted from handwoven leather by skilled artisans in Spain, ensuring both exceptional quality and comfort with their fully leather-lined interior. Personal touches like the custom “TAFT” embroidery on the heel and their founder’s signature on the ankle strap imbue these sneakers with soulful elegance that’s instantly recognizable.

With a design inspired by the iconic high-top sneakers of the 1980s, the Rapido boasts a seamless blend of style, craftsmanship, and creativity. The handwoven leather, featuring smooth Spanish Calfskin, is met with a custom rubber outsole from Italy, maintaining the high quality TAFT is renowned for in all their footwear. Whether it’s the signature touches or the vintage-inspired silhouette, these sneakers invite you to experience the perfect fusion of old-school charm and modern luxury, certified Prime-approved TAFT shoes.

TAFT Spectator Shoe – Honey

TAFT Spectator Shoe - Honey/white colored on a light gray background.

The Spectator Shoe in Honey is a unique addition to the TAFT shoe collection, designed to turn heads. This shoe showcases a two-toned effect, combining honey and white full-grain Spanish calfskin to create a comfortable, durable, and striking footwear option. This blend of honey and white full-grain calfskin in its upper, toe cap, and counter is a statement-making choice, while the leather sole with rubber inserts and Blake-stitched construction ensures resoleability.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Spain, this shoe also features a kiltie – a detail with origins in Scotland and vintage golf shoes, initially designed to protect laces from dirt, mud, and rain. Notably, the kiltie is removable for those who prefer a more classic look but can be reattached for those looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their style — very Coach Prime-esque.

TAFT Rapido Low Sneaker – Eden Blanc 

TAFT Rapido Low Sneaker - Eden Blanc colorway on a light gray background.

The Rapido Low Sneaker in Eden Blanc embodies a distinctive style that commands attention with its vintage ’80s-inspired low silhouette. Carefully crafted from TAFT’s custom Eden Blanc material featuring stunning flower-work detailing and premium Spanish Calfskin, these sneakers offer a harmonious blend of textures and sophistication.

The Italian-sourced custom rubber outsole ensures superior comfort and traction. Adding a personal touch, the custom “TAFT” embroidery on the heel makes these sneakers truly unique. With the Rapido Low Sneaker, you can embrace unparalleled style and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Best of the Rest: TAFT Model 106 Loafer – Chili

TAFT Model 106 Loafer - Chili colored on a light gray background.

The TAFT 365 Model 106 in Chili is a comfortable and stylish penny loafer that’s versatile enough for any occasion. It’s made from genuine embossed leather with a hand-finished color, which gives it a unique and attractive look. What’s great is that it comes with a cushioned insole, and there’s an extra insole for sizing adjustments. Plus, the sneaker-style custom Taft outsole not only adds to its style but also ensures each step is comfortable.

With a genuine leather upper and lining, this shoe combines quality and aesthetics effortlessly. It’s the kind of footwear that you can confidently slip into for various events without worrying about comfort or style.

TAFT Jack Sneaker – Grey/Oxblood

TAFT Jack Sneaker - Grey/Oxblood colorway on a light gray background.

The TAFT Jack Sneaker in the Grey/Oxblood colorway is a distinctive pair that seamlessly combines a bold mix of fabric and designs, offering a unique and comfortable experience not easily found elsewhere. These sneakers are handmade in Spain, utilizing natural, raw wool for a distinct and cozy feel. The stitched construction ensures their durability, while the eco-friendly rubber sole adds to their comfort. They’re equipped with waxed laces and a lavender-scented sole (yes, you read that right), making these thoughtful features what truly set these sneakers apart. It’s a blend of quality and individuality that defines the TAFT Jack Sneaker and one of our favorite TAFT shoes they offer.

TAFT Hiro Chelsea Boot – Midnight 

TAFT Hiro Chelsea Boot - Midnight  color on a light gray background.

One of our personal favorites for the TAFT shoes collection, the Hiro Boot in Midnight offers a fresh take on the classic Chelsea style, making it a noteworthy addition to our boot collection. With the convenience of an easy pull-on and pull-off design, these boots are an ideal choice for special occasions, with the versatility to dress them down with a quality pair of denim or chinos.

The upper material is crafted from Italian boxcalf leather, and the cuff showcases full-grain leather with embossed croc detailing — it’s these immaculate details like this that make TAFT shoes unique and one of a kind. Inside, they feature a natural calfskin lining, making them comfortable even for all-day wear, while the sole unit combines stacked leather with a rubber insert. Made using Blake Construction, these boots quickly become a fan, and our favorite with their unique blend of style and craftsmanship, all handcrafted by artisans in Spain. One of our favorite TAFT shoes for versatility, comfort, and design.