When it comes to basketball shoes and sneakers, we’re all about having the latest and greatest picks. And right now, there is nothing on the market hotter than Adidas x Anthony Edwards shoes — they’ve got the limelight and are definitely having their moment as Edwards dominates in this past NBA Playoffs and as Team USA heads to Paris for the Olympics. Such shoes were created particularly for the reflection of Edwards’ multifaceted talents on the court, and Adidas helps him do that best.

The AE1, Edwards’s shoe debut, is built on the game to channel his explosive power and bring his unlimited versatility. Such a futuristic design, which has been fully tailored to fit the needs of Ant’s multiple-dimension game, is cutting-edge. The result? A shoe that’s as extreme in appearance as it is heavy in performance.

However, it’s not only the ballers that are dying for these shoes but also other people in the general public of shoe collecting. Similarly to sneakerheads, the unique design and the story of Edwards’ journey are also reasons to be attracted. Right now, the Anthony Edwards shoes from Adidas are currently among the hottest selling basketball shoes, and it is easy to see why. Whether you are a player who simply wants to take your game to the next level or a fashionista who wants to spruce up your outfit, you simply cannot go wrong with these shoes.

Therefore, come with us to the new age of basketball shoes with the AE Adidas collection. With an already impressive lineup, here are our fave Adidas x Anthony Edwards shoes that the collaboration has launched thus far.

Adidas AE1 “Georgia Clay” – Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black

Adidas AE1 'Georgia Clay' - Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black colorway on a white background.

A recent release from the duo, this colorway honors Edwards’ home state of Georgia, famous for Georgia’s red clay. The inaugural AE1 model is characterized by a special design of the TPU overlay that mimics the shape of a honeycomb, which in turn adds visual appeal, but also functional properties of the shoe. This piece facilitates both strength and great stability for your foot, yet still is flexible enough to conform with your foot during basketball games and training.

The AE1 has a very simple outsole which is similar to the one used on many of the classic Nike models, but it has a full herringbone traction pattern. The shoe boasts a dual-density foam cushioning system which integrates Lightstrike and Boost (Jetboost, for that matter) that is a low-profile setup with good compression and impact protection. As futuristic as its design, its peak performance is in the present.

Adidas AE1 “Velocity Blue” – Deep Blue/Lime Green/Deep Blue

Adidas AE1 'Deep Blue' - Deep BlueLime GreenDeep Blue colorway on a white background.

It may be titled the AE 1 “Velocity Blue” colorway, but this shoe screams hints of a blue-indigo color that just radiates noise, in the best way possible. It is a distinct edition in the Anthony Edwards collection. This colorway strikes for its deep blue tones covering the whole shoe, even the outsole. The color chosen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also represents depth and steadiness, which is in line with Edwards’ fast and well-managed play on the court. For those who love to be bold and let their game speak even bolder, these blue (non-suede) shoes get the job done. Must-have Anthony Edwards shoes for all fans.

Adidas AE1 “With Love” – Acid Orange/Core Black/Acid Red

AE1 'With Love' - Acid Orange/Core Black/Acid Red colorway on a white background.

The Adidas AE 1 “With Love” received this namesake for Anthony Edwards to show as a tribute to his mother and granny in support of all of their ongoing love throughout his life. The shoe is in an Acid Orange/Core Black/Acid Red color scheme, reminiscent of the bright combination of peach and pink that were the favorite colors of Edwards’ mother and grandmother. In addition to that, the upper part of the shoe gets the Georgia peach theme, which makes it one of a kind and uniquely beautiful.

Adidas AE1 “New Wave” – Arctic Fusion/Core Black/Cloud White

Adidas AE1 'New Wave' - Arctic Fusion/Core Black/Cloud White colorway on a white background.

With comparisons already to His Airness, Michael Jordan, it’s hard not to see why AE is the next generation of basketball greats. The nickname “New Wave” is in reference of Edwards’ “revolutionary spirit.” This colorway is definitely one of the most distinguishing ones with its outstanding color palette and a hint of Arctic Fusion mood.

Adidas AE1 “Future” – Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon

Adidas AE1 'Future' - Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon colorway on a white background.

Of all the vibrant colorways that are featured in the Anthony Edwards shoes x Adidas, this one may take the cake. With another nod to AE being the next best thing, the “Future” colorway is literally and figuratively as futuristic looking as AE is on the hardwood courts. With its iridescent combo of a weathered purple, gold, and metallic finish, this shoe screams, the future is here.

Adidas P.E. Anthony Edwards – Black/Red

Adidas P.E. Anthony Edwards - Black/Red colorway on a white background.

Fast and fearless is the way you’re going to feel balling on the courts in the newly released Adidas P.E. Anthony Edwards. Through the superhero that has the same nickname as him, which is the “mighty” Ant-Man from Marvel, the energy-returning shoes will bring an awesome mix of style, fun, and functionality. Bouncing off Lightstrike cushioning and a BOOST midsole, these shoes are lightweight and allow you to jump swiftly to the hoop, just like your favorite superheroes. In these, you can be sure to outrun the defenders and leave them in your wake, just like both Ant-Mans.

Adidas Originals Rivalry Low – Orange/Black/Red 

Adidas Originals Rivalry Low - Orange/Black/Red  colorway on a white background.

No, your eyes do not deceive you: there is a skater sneaker on our list. This is one of two special colorways of the Rivalry Low in the color range brought to you by Anthony Edwards.

The shoe has a black suede upper with pink and peach overlays, which are the paneling used for the select ones. The sockliner and the upper portion of the midsole are pinkish/orange. The shoe possesses thick multicolored rope laces in pink and black pattern. The heel of the shoe is branded “AE” in brown-on-pink embroidery.

The colorway is a homage to Edwards’ roots in Georgia and the sister shoes of the “Georgia Peach” and “With Love” colorways. As if you need more reason to love it, with its super reasonable price tag, these are must-have Anthony Edwards shoes for all fans.