While the title does pretty much speak for itself, Chanel went and flipped the basketball game upside down on its head. When it comes to high fashion, designers will put their artistic spin on pretty much everything nowadays, creating buzz and hype over everyday common objects and instantly turning them into must-have designer buys. Sports and high fashion seemingly are almost intertwined in today’s sports market, with common crossovers and labels putting their market on everything from gym bags to actual equipment.

Chanel is one such iconic French luxury fashion house that has been mastering this for some time now. Check out their latest stunning piece, the Chanel basketball bag, silver chain net, and ball — here’s where you can buy it!

Chanel basketball bag: Black basketball and silver chain net

Chanel basketball bag:  Black basketball and silver chain net on a white background.

The Chanel bag, featuring a Silver and Black Rubber Basketball with a Black Calfskin handle and metal chain net, is a luxurious and unique piece featuring a fusion of premium materials like rubber, calfskin, leather, and metal in its design. This collector’s item embodies the brand’s elegance, combining sport and high fashion through its exquisite craftsmanship and the inclusion of a chain interlaced with black leather, making it a standout and distinctive accessory.

Other Rare Finds: Chanel Vintage 90’s Mini Mesh Sport Gym – Black

Chanel Vintage 90s Mini Mesh Sport Gym - Black on a white background.

The Chanel Vintage 90’s Rare Mini Mesh Sport Gym Black Microfiber Nylon Backpack is a unique and sought-after piece from 2003, showcasing the iconic Chanel logo straps and top handle strap on a small black mesh microfiber body. With silver hardware, a magnetic closure, rubber-stamped Chanel logo, and an interior drawstring closure, this backpack not only features a sporty trim inside but also provides functionality with an adjustable strap, all within dimensions of 14″ H x 9″ W x 3″ D.

Chanel Vintage Basketball – Black/Silver

Chanel Vintage Basketball - Black/Silver colorway on a white background.

The Chanel Vintage Basketball in black and silver represents a stylish collectible from the 1990s, showcasing the iconic fashion house’s foray into sport. Made in France, this basketball stands as a nostalgic piece, now over 20 years old, embodying the intersection of luxury and sport in a unique and rare vintage item.