When it comes to entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans in the basketball community, there is one team that reigns king in entertainment: the Harlem Globetrotters, who perform on a yearly basis with international tours taking them quite literally around the globe known as Earth. As they themselves put it, “The Globetrotters are the world’s basketball team – touring over 400+ cities in 25+ countries. Each Globetrotters game features some of the best athletes on the planet, unmatched fan interaction, incredible ball handling wizardry, the famous Harlem Globetrotters 4 Points shot, rim-rattling dunks, and side-splitting comedy.” With their ever-iconic Americana-inspired team colors repping the ole red, white, and blue, even their game ball has the same panache. Now, you can officially grab yourself the same ball, thanks to the first-ever collaboration of the highly anticipated Spalding Harlem Globetrotters official game ball.

This is the exact same game ball that the infamous Harlem Globetrotters use in all of their showstopping performances. This new limited-edition ball boasts a one-of-a-kind commemorative design to mark the occasion and features the iconic red, white and blue alternating panels. Now, you can recreate all the moves you see them do on the hardwood with their official ball. So, if you’re ready to grab yourself this limited edition ball, it’s time to get this added to your cart before it sells out!

Spalding Harlem Globetrotters Official Game Ball (Limited Edition) – Red/White/Blue

Spalding Harlem Globetrotters Official Game Ball (Limited Edition) - Red/White/Blue colorway on a white background.

This game ball is being sold here for the first time ever, and it is the officially official Spalding Harlem Globetrotters Official Game Ball from their very own world tour, featuring a very special limited edition commemorative design for the event as well. Intended to be used in the highest level of competition and to remain at optimal performance throughout the course of the season, this ball delivers the best grip for those who ball out.

With its dry grip microfiber cushioned cover, it has a soft game-ready feel as soon as you take it out of the box and the exceptional control you will desire (we definitely recommend this ball be used for indoor courts, as the rough outdoor conditions can rapidly age and wear out the traction much faster). The red, white, and blue alternating panels on the side also give the ball the “official” and awesome look and make it to be easily noticed. Now you can rock your own trick shots and maybe even some high-flying dunks with this Spalding x Harlem Globetrotters limited edition official game ball.