For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is a must-have. This isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill basketball game you might get at your local sporting goods store. This home arcade is a statement piece, a work of art, and a testament to exquisite designer craftsmanship. Crafted in collaboration with Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf, this game uses raw materials like wood, glass, and steel to give it a modernistic feel, while the hand-knotted cotton and silk nets pay homage to Reigning Champ’s Canadian roots of luxurious materials.

The structure, measuring 87.5 inches tall by 48 inches wide, is held together by stainless-steel hardware and fitted with rubberized nylon wheels for greater maneuverability. The two powder-coated steel rims are affixed to a wooden backboard, with an angled wood panel underneath the nets returning balls to players. The game also captures the genuine sounds of playing on a traditional hardwood court and incorporates clever design elements to keep a low visual profile. Sturdy tempered glass supports a backboard and ball return surface, crafted from specially engineered composite wood panels to ensure durability and quality without the risk of warping.

Visible cables, reminiscent of the original arcade games, bring a touch of nostalgia and tactile feel, adding a charming contrast to the clean and seamless design. The game includes built-in sensors between both hoops that ensure accurate scoring and a custom-machined electronic control panel.

Priced at $50,000, this piece of artwork is not for the faint of heart and definitely for those who don’t know what to do with their money — the game is made to order for obvious reasons. It comes with full-service white glove installation, ensuring a seamless setup experience. For those with the means and a love for designer aesthetics, this is more than a game – it’s a lifestyle statement piece that says, “Ball is more than life.”

So, if you’re a baller with cash to burn, why not invest in a piece that combines luxury, design, and fun all in one package by grabbing yourself a Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade?

Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade – Natural

Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade frontal view on a white background.

Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade side view on a light gray background.

Modernistic, luxurious, clean and simple lines — these are all ways to sum up the epitome of what this arcade game represents. Wood, glass, and metal combine to create a fully functional gaming experience and a highly crafted work of art. The Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade game is opulent basketball.