The 2024 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and the 2024 NBA Western Conference Finals are both heating up, with some of the biggest names in the game going at it head-to-head. Not only are these teams and superstars competing for an NBA championship, but their signature shoes are vying for the limelight as well. Here are some of our current faves of the best NBA Conference Finals signature shoes from the superstars of today, featuring Luka, AE, Kyrie, and Tatum.

Anthony Edwards:  Adidas x AE 1’s

One of the hottest-selling signature shoes of the year, here are some of the best from Anthony Edwards.

Adidas AE1 “Georgia Clay” – Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black

Adidas AE1 'Georgia Clay' - Wonder Clay/Preloved Scarlet/Core Black colorway on a white background.

Inspired by Georgia’s red clay, Edwards’ home state, this is the first model of the series AE1 is equipped with a special TPU overlay with a honeycomb pattern that has not only aesthetics, but also practical value for the shoe. This component provides strength and stability to your foot as well as flexibility to match the foot movements during basketball games and training.

The AE1’s outsole is very minimal and resembles those used in several traditional Nike models, which have full herringbone traction. The shoe has an innovative Lightstrike foam cushioning system with Boost (or Jetboost), which is low-profile dual-density foam cushioning that provides good compression and impact protection. As futuristic as its design, its peak performance is in the present.

Adidas AE1 “Future” – Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon

Adidas AE1 'Future' - Carbon/Core Black/Lucid Lemon colorway on a white background.

Out of all the bright color combinations that are available in the Anthony Edwards shoes x Adidas collection, this one has to be the best, in our opinion. As another homage to AE being the next big thing, the ‘Future’ colorway looks as futuristic as AE on the basketball courts. This shoe is a mixture of a faded purple color, gold, and a metallic appearance — it quite literally shouts, the future is now, and that is AE, and one of the best NBA Conference Finals signature shoes yo need to have.

Adidas AE1 “Velocity Blue” – Deep Blue/Lime Green/Deep Blue

Adidas AE1 'Deep Blue' - Deep BlueLime GreenDeep Blue colorway on a white background.

This sneaker might be called the AE 1 “Velocity Blue” colorway, but this shoe has shades of blue that are more like indigo and seem to vibrate with energy in the most exciting way possible. It is a distinct edition in the collection of Anthony Edwards. This colorway stands out due to its dark blue hue that extends to the outsole of the shoe. The color chosen not only looks good, but it is also symbolic for depth and steadiness, which correlates with Edwards’ fast and efficient movements on the court. For those people who like to show off and let their game do the talking even louder, these blue (non-suede) shoes will do it for you.

Kyrie Irving:  Anta Kai 1’s

Another inargual debut for NBA superstar, Kyrie Irving, here are the best of the Anta Kai 1’s.

Anta Kai 1 “Artist on Court” – Purple

Anta Kai 1 'Artist on Court' - Purple colored on a white background.

Yet another crazy release first launch by Kyrie Irving — this sneaker did not stay on the shelves for long. By the grace of marketplaces like StockX, you can still get your hands on a pair. These kicks are not just the conventional release but also a combination of various cultural effects and the design director Jared Subawon did an excellent in selecting those impacts.

The shoe’s slender silhouette can be compared to Kyrie Irving’s lightning-fast and agile movements when he is making sharp turns and crossovers on the basketball court. The logos and symbols engraved on the top part of the sneaker resemble hieroglyphs, thus the sneaker has an air of ancient narrative and is grounded in the tradition of power and endurance. From the shape of the shoe to its color, each aspect of the shoe is designed to embody the uniqueness of Kyrie’s approach to the game and the finesse that he displays when changing direction on the court. Truly one of our, and fans alike, picks for best NBA Conference Finals signature shoes you can get to date.

ANTA KAI 1 “Playoffs Home” – White

Anta Kai 1 'Playoffs Home' - White colorways on a white background.

The only signature shoe line that was released for the NBA Playoffs and has been released to the public is the Kyrie Irving Anta Kai 1 “Playoff Pack. ” The shoe pack goes on to feature different members of Kai’s tribe and his team, the Dallas Mavericks. Although they were once listed on Anta’s site, aftermarket resellers such as StockX still have them in stock.

The Anta home shoes are of bright colors, the green leaves and pink flower lace loops are vivid. These colors complement the white color of the upper, representing images of beautiful nature motives. A crisp golden Anta and Kai logos symbolize the Larry O’Brien trophy as the Mavs’ aim to clinch it. The toes feature the same Native American-style pattern from Irving’s “Artist on Court” colorway but with different patterns in shades of green, deep sea blue, and green grass, and the shoe remains as symbolic as before, complete with a printed feather tag like the ones Irving wears as earrings.

ANTA KAI 1 “Playoffs Away” – Navy

Anta Kai 1 'Playoffs Away' - Navy color on a white background.

The Anta Kai 1 “Playoffs Navy” maintains the same design aspects. It has a deep sea blue bottom with neon lotus pink highlights that perfectly complement Irving’s code. Thus, the color combination is finished with coral pink and chocolate green, connecting with metallic gold branding and a feathered hang tag.

These kicks recognize the tribal aspect of his narrative and jersey number by using the “heel” symbol, hierographic alphabet, and “master your craft” phrase caption. They have been made for defending, featuring a lockdown strap for quick cutting and rubber treads that symbolize his tribal background, integrating Kai’s style into the shoe.

Luka Doncic:  Jordan Luka 2

Already on his second model shoes, the Jordan Luka 2’s have been excellent colorways. Here are some of the best NBA Conference Finals signature shoes from Luka.

Jordan Luka 2 – Black/White/Blue

Jordan Luka 2 - Black/White/Blue colorway on a white background.
The all-but blacked-out Luka 2, with hints of Nike’s iconic purple color, gives off sleek, shadow-like vibes for ballers who cover the courts as well as the darkness of the night time. The stacked Formula 23 midsole helps to add optimal cushioning, and a sturdy 360-degree cage adds perfect stability.

Jordan Luka 2 – Football Gray/Black/Oxygen Purple

Jordan Luka 2 - Football Gray/Black/Oxygen Purple colorways on a light gray background.

In this oh-so-soft purple-gray-white mix, Luka 2’s by Jordan boasts a cage architecture that provides stability and a stacked midsole that offers great responsive cushioning. The design is unique because it has an insole that can be as thick as the shoe’s outsole and is made of flexible material connected by plates to ensure stability and the best comfort, especially when pivoting, or stopping on a dime. With an aspect of firm foam and Formula 23 foam this shoe offers soft comfort and stability hence making it a recommendable shoe for ballers who play aggressively.

Luka 2 – White/Hyper Pink/Black

Luka 2 - White/Hyper Pink/Black on a light gray background.

Another sneaker hot off the press on Nike’s site is the Luka 2 in a head-turning colorway. The almost solid white sneaker gets some life with spackled Hyper Pink pops of color throughout and the Jumpman logo on the soles. While we could definitely see Luka rocking this pair as his NBA Conference Finals signature shoes, ya need to pick up a pair because they’re selling fast on Nike, so grab ’em before they go!

Jayson Tatum: Jordan Tatum 1 / 2’s

Already onto his second lineup as well, these are our favorite Jordan Tatum’s.

Jordan Tatum 1 “Wave Runner” – Blue/Pink/Purple

Jordan Tatum 1 Wave Runner - Blue/Pink/Purple colorways on a white background.

The latest Jordan Tatum 1 colorway features an aquamarine color scheme that resembles the color of water in a swimming pool or any body of water. It is complemented by violet and green sole inserts and a pink Jumpman logo at the forefoot. It’s summer, and you can’t miss the bright and lively hot pink sockliner. The Jordan Tatum 1 ‘Wave Runner’ is created and constructed with the theme of durability in the middle of it all, giving ballers a shoe built to last all summer long.

Jordan Tatum 2 – White/Electric Green/Black/Wolf Gray

Jordan Tatum 2 - White/Electric Green/Black/Wolf Gray colorway on a white background.

This colorway is all about the subtleties, with a solid white blank canvas, with pops of the signature Jordan cement, and some ‘electric green’ hints giving this shoe the perfect balance of color. Best part is, it’s not all show and no go. With a full-length Nike Air Strobel unit, these kicks have excellent cushioning no matter how hard you ball.

Jordan Tatum 2 “Vortex” Basketball Shoes – Mint Foam/Black/Hyper Jade/Lava Glow

Jordan Tatum 2 'Vortex' Basketball Shoes - Mint Foam/Black/Hyper Jade/Lava Glow colorway on a white background.

Another solid NBA Conference Finals signature shoes that is in style and gives off a similar look is this ‘Vortex’ colorway, with the primary focus looking something of a mint ice cream color. In this model, the frame goes from the sole right up to the upper, making it easy to maneuver close to the ground. Its streamlined design focuses rubber on the outsole for the necessary grip and foam for support. Comfort is achieved through the use of a full-length Nike Air Strobel unit, while the rubber outsole and ground-contact foam enable durability and traction for offense and defense.