When it comes to finding the best footballs on Amazon, customer reviews are a valuable resource to guide your purchase. That’s why we like to utilize the People’s Choice of the best-reviewed footballs for 2023, highlighting the top-performing and highly rated options that have garnered praise from satisfied users. Whether you’re looking for a ball for recreational play, competitive games, or just to have fun with friends, these top-rated footballs on Amazon have been tried, tested, and approved by fellow customers.

Our comprehensive buying guide featuring the best products of 2023 is your ultimate tool to navigate the vast and seemingly endless selection of footballs on Amazon. With our expertly curated list, you can confidently choose a ball that aligns with your preferences and playing style. Each recommendation is backed by positive customer reviews, ensuring you get a high-quality ball that lives up to its reputation. Embrace the convenience of online shopping with our buying guide, and experience the joy of playing with one of the best-reviewed footballs on Amazon in 2023.

Best overall football: Wilson GST Composite Football

Wilson GST Composite Football on a white background.

When it comes to footballs, no one does them better than Wilson, and the reviewers of Amazon footballs agree with this statement wholeheartedly. The Wilson GST Composite Football is the best overall in terms of price, durability, and actual game size, making it ideal for those seeking an authentic feel gameball. For those looking to get the actual player-like experience, you can opt for the genuine leather version, however, that will set you back well over a hundred dollars — the choice is yours.

  • Stars: 4.6
  • Reviews: 2,105
  • Customer Quote:  “I absolutely love this ball. I’ll start with the pros…The feel of an authentic “Game ball” is second to none. While it takes a little bit of time and some elbow grease to shed this ball of its protective layer, nothing feels better.”

Best budget ball: Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football

Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football on a white background.

The Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football is a wonderful budget buy for those seeking an official NFL-sized football for a fraction of the cost of an actual gameball. The most-rated ball we found on Amazon, with over 20,000 reviewers having given this ball a solid overall score, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better with such a cost-effective price tag.

  • Stars: 4.8
  • Reviews: 24,314
  • Customer Quote: “Having a ton of fun tossing this around with my kids. It’s so grippy and easy to hold. One of the best footballs I ever used. Get it, you’ll love it.”

Best foam football: Nerf Pro Grip Football – Blue/Black

Nerf Pro Grip Football - Blue/Black colorway on a white background.

When it comes to foam footballs, “It’s Nerf or nothing!” The Nerf Pro Grip ball is a classic foam football designed with an easy-grip surface that makes it simple to catch and throw. Its durable construction allows for both outdoor and indoor play, encouraging kids to stay active and engaged in fun games. Whether practicing catches or throwing spiral passes, the Nerf Pro Grip ball provides endless opportunities for enjoyable playtime.

  • Stars: 4.7
  • Reviews: 4,722
  • Customer Quote: “Got this for my son, he’s enjoying it. As expected, came on time. Would purchase again! Lightweight, easy to hold, foam.”

Best junior football: Franklin Sports Junior Grip-Rite 100 Football 

Franklin Sports Junior Grip-Rite 100 Football on a white background.

When it comes to buying a football for kids, you really don’t need to invest in a premium leather ball until you a certain this is their sport of passion. Instead, opt for this rubber ball from Franklin Sports. This junior football is constructed from a durable, easy-to-grip, deep-pebbled rubber that stands up to all kinds of rough play and wear and tear on grass, concrete, or any other surface. A solid buy on Amazon.

  • Stars: 4.7
  • Reviews: 13,620
  • Customer Quote: “This item is a rubber football so it is resilient. At the inexpensive purchase price, I can heartily endorse this as a good youth football; it is ready to take on a youth football game.”

Best for solo toss ‘n catch: Passback Junior Composite Football

Passback Junior Composite Football on a white background.

Sometimes you just really want to toss the football around, but you have no one to be on the receiving end. While you could throw the ball, chase after it, rinse, and repeat, the Passback football makes throwing the ball a solo activity. With its unique cut-in-half shape, this ball allows the thrower to toss it at a wall, and it will bounce back right into the awaiting hands of said thrower. Now you can hone your QB skills whether or not you have a willing receiver. One of the best-specialized footballs on Amazon.

  • Stars: 4.4
  • Reviews: 1,514
  • Customer Quote: “My son is nine years old and just started playing football last year. This is wonderful for hand-eye coordination. You get to learn to throw the ball and receive the ball all by yourself.”

Best ball for water fun: Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Football – Orange

Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Football - Orange colored on a white background.

Sometimes you just wanna have a little fun in the sun, in and around the water. Whether that’s a pool day or a day at the beach, what better way to enjoy said time on the water than by tossing around a football? The only issue is most composite, and especially leather, footballs can become water-logged, heavy, and feel like you’re catching a brick. Enter the Wave Runner Grip It Waterproof Football. This all-weather water football is built with a heavy-duty bladder designed to be durable for long-lasting play for all the fun on the water.

  • Stars: 4.6
  • Reviews: 5,245
  • Customer Quote: “This football is very easy to grip and throw in the water. It floats perfectly and makes water time more fun at any age. A must-have!”

Best official game ball: Wilson “The Duke” Football

Wilson The Duke Football on a white background.

No roundup list of footballs could ever truly be complete without the official game ball of the NFL. The Wilson “The Duke” NFL Football holds the prestigious title of the official game ball of the National Football League, representing the pinnacle of football craftsmanship and performance. Handcrafted in the USA with top-quality materials and precision engineering, this ball offers players the ultimate experience on the field. While it is a bit expensive, it’s a worthy investment for any true fan to call themselves an NFL fanatic.

  • Stars: 4.7
  • Reviews: 4,288
  • Customer Quote: “If you want to have a real NFL football this is what you want. I didn’t buy these to put on a shelf!! We throw these every day. You won’t be disappointed!”

Best for team pride: Rawlings NFL Downfield Youth Football

Rawlings NFL Downfield Youth Football packers logo on a white background.

If you truly want to let everyone know which team you back and what colors you bleed, then you need to get the Rawlings NFL Downfield Football that comes in numerous teams’ colors and logos. Regardless of whether your trying to get your young ones hooked on the right team early or simply want a little NFL memorabilia for yourself, this ball is perfect for any true fan of the game. The perfect, die-hard fans football on Amazon.

  • Stars: 4.7
  • Reviews: 22,164
  • Customer Quote: “This is a great gift for sports lovers. We’ve repurchased in other sports teams for kids birthday gifts. Super good size for 8-10 year olds.”

Best glow in the dark football: GlowCity Glow in The Dark Football

GlowCity Glow in The Dark Football on a black background.

Sometimes you just wanna have a little fun after hours, in the dark. The only issue is that unless you’re on a well-lit field, that may be a little challenging. Luckily you can still own a solid glow-in-the-dark football for a little midnight fun. The GlowCity Glow in The Dark Football is by far the highest-rated Amazon customer-reviewed option available, featuring over 6,500 ratings, we’ll definitely take their word for it (just check out the raving review quote below).

  • Stars: 4.5
  • Reviews: 6,533
  • Customer Quote: “This ball is great for evening games. We took it to the beach with us and had a blast after dinner each night. The light was perfect and lasted through each game. It even came with an extra set of batteries. This was a hit for all ages from our 4 to 47 year old range!”

Best for autographs: Wilson NFL Autograph Football

Wilson NFL Autograph Football on a white background.

Then there are times when you want a football simply to own in case you ever run into Mr. Tom Brady or one Mr. Aaron Rodgers, and you’re gonna need one that gets along well with Sharpies (composite doesn’t mix well, and leather fades quickly over time). So for the collector looking to add his or her favorite player(s), John Hancock (or Herbie Hancock for those old enough to get the joke), this ball from Wilson, designed specifically for autographs with its white synthetic panels, will surely do the trick.

  • Stars: 4.7
  • Reviews: 706
  • Customer Quote: “The Wilson NFL Autograph Football is the highest quality autograph (white panel) football on the market. Don’t be fooled by fancier footballs with embroidered logos. After years of seeking signatures, this item is the best white panel ball money can buy!”

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With countless products and pages, we did the hard work for you and found the top-rated footballs on Amazon with our comprehensive buying guide. Rely on the valuable insights from fellow customers to find the perfect choice for your play style and preferences. With our recommendations, you can enjoy the confidence of choosing one of the best-reviewed footballs, making your Amazon shopping experience a breeze. Get ready to take your game to new heights with a top-quality ball that has won the approval of satisfied users, ensuring you have endless fun and memorable moments on the field, in water, playing by yourself, or something in between.