With as much hype as the WNBA has had for this record-breaking start of the 2024 season, due largely in part to the star-studded rookie class, certain stars continue to shine. One such player looking to make waves on and off the court again in 2024 is none other than Sabrina Ionescu. Finishing out a terrific 2023 season as an All-AP Second Team selection, Ionescu looks to ride that momentum into this current season. As successful as she has been on the court, Sabrina Ionescu has had even more off the hardwood with the best-selling women’s basketball shoes, the Sabrina 1s

Her second model in her signature lineup will be a hard one to try and top, but she is up for the challenge. Nike is already teasing the Sabrina 2s, which are due to release later next month. With numerous colorway variations Nike has released over the past few months, here are some of the faves we are partial toward for those seeking the best Sabrina Ionescu shoes.

Nike Sabrina 2 ‘Court Vision’ – Cave Purple/Black Raspberry/Violet Frost/White

Nike Sabrina 2 'Court Vision' - Cave Purple/Black Raspberry/Violet Frost/White colorway on a white background.

The Sabrina 2 is a perfect example of the achievements of Sabrina Ionescu’s on-court achievements — a player who never gives up and is always ready to work. It is hard work that has been instilled in her through repetition and application of disciplined training in the gym. It is for this reason that the Sabrina 2 reflects this spirit and will help you to perform better than ever.

The shoe features the latest Cushlon foam from Nike to ensure your feet are well catered for and won’t feel weary at any point throughout games, practice, training, or anything in between. Along with comfort, there is the Air Zoom cushioning. It brings a bounce in your step, which enables you to move fast up and down the court, and run and jump like never before. From a fast break to rebounding, Air Zoom cushioning guarantees everyone is well-prepared for action.

The Sabrina 2 also emphasizes the issue of stability and, therefore, offers great traction. The shoe comes with a sticky traction that helps to control, allowing the wearer to remain stable on the court. It enables you to put distance between you and your competitors, cut corners tightly and generally outmaneuver your rivals.

A solid shoe as is, but the signature purple colorway on a black base is the perfect launch for this soon-to-be fast-selling Nike shoe. According to Nike, “The colorful purple makes a bold statement while serving as a reminder that court vision can be perfected through hard work and dedication.” It is inspired by Sabrina’s ability to see the court, read any defense, and be the floor general her team relies on. True must-haves for those who love adding the newest Sabrina Ionescu shoes to their closet.

Sabrina 1 ‘Grounded’ – Light Bone/Laser Orange/Slate

Sabrina 1 'Grounded' - Light Bone/Laser Orange/Slate colorway on a white background.

One of our favorite colorways, this features some more subtle palettes, so you can let your game do the majority of the talking. A solid main focus of light bone color gives this version a solid base, while the subtle slate gray adds a nice texture. For those who love bold colors, some violent laser orange gives pops of life in this one. With a sub-75 dollar tag, these are need-to-have Sabrina Ionescu shoes for fans and ballers alike.

Sabrina 1 ‘Exclamation’ – Luminous Green/Luminous Green/Black

Sabrina 1 'Exclamation' - Luminous Green/Luminous Green/Black colorway on a white background.

So, maybe you don’t prefer a more subtle color, then these are the kicks for you — Sabrina Ionescu shoes for those who love being bold and brave. Sabrina’s game has taken a new dimension on the hardwoods — it’s fast, fascinating, and fun.

Therefore, in homage to the little speck of ink that dots the “i” in Sabrina’s last name, which is depicted on the emblem of her signature shoe and symbolizes her Romanian heritage, Nike swapped the “i” for an exclamation point to emphasize the Sabrina 1. That, and the fact that it’s a bold highlighter yellow-esque color, definitely exclaims, look at me, I am here.

Nike 1 ‘Dedication’ – Cargo Khaki/Olive Aura/Metallic Gold

Nike 1 'Dedication' - Cargo Khaki/Olive Aura/Metallic Gold colorway on a white background.

For those who love to opt for more neutral-based tones, this cargo khaki and olive colors, topped off with accents of gold, are the perfect shoes to go from the courts to the streets. If you look at the outsole you can try to find a letter that Sabrina has written to those who also practice every day to become better. The colors of metallic gold with additional khaki and olive tones are intended for those who put their heart and soul into the game — perfect Sabrina Ionescu shoes that style well on or off the courts.

Sabrina 1 ‘Sparks’ – Oxygen Purple/Black

Sabrina 1 'Sparks' - Oxygen Purple/Black colorway on a white background.

Taking design elements from all of the shoes listed above, this is by far one of our favorite Sabrina 1 colorways. The base starts off with a soft-as-ever nuanced purple color setting the stage for a faded into, Easter egg-like yellow. Black soles and outlined elements finish off this stunning colorway. For those who want the most popular Sabrina Ionescu shoes, these are the ones every sneakerhead and baller needs in their rotational lineup.