In the world of golf, the putter reigns king. The putting greens are the stage where champions are crowned, and dreams are shattered. Mastering the art of putting can significantly enhance your performance, and having one of the best golf putters in your arsenal and is a must-have. In 2024, the golfing landscape is brimming with innovative putters designed to improve your game.

The perfect putt requires precision, control, and the right golf club. The best golf putters of 2024 offer advanced features that can help you achieve that flawless, straight putt or tackle a challenging long putt with rolling greens. They are designed to provide excellent balance, optimal weight distribution, and a smooth roll, which are key to making successful putts.

Remember, a great golfer is only as good as their putter. So, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, investing in the best putter can make a significant difference in your game. With the ever-ongoing new club releases in tech and materials, the world of clubs can get a little crowded at times. So, we did some of the hard work for you and rounded up some of the best on the market right now. Remember: stay ahead of the curve, keep your golf bag up-to-date, and make sure you’re equipped with one of the best putters of 2024. Your game depends on it. Here are some of our faves and the best golf putters any bag would love to have.

Bettinardi 2024 BB-1 Putter

Bettinardi 2024 BB-1 Putter on a white background.

The Bettinardi 2024 BB-1 Putter stands out among the best golf putters this year for its top-notch performance and clever design. It seamlessly merges modern technology with timeless style. Visually, the Bettinardi BB-1 Putter is a stunner. Its sleek appearance boasts precise engravings and a striking black pearl PVD finish. Paired with a sleek black PVD Tour-grade shaft, it’s a sight to behold.

But this putter is more than a beauty to look at. This putter delivers on the course, too. Featuring a sound slot, it alters the impact sound for a livelier and clearer feel, enhancing the overall experience. The solid yet medium-firm feel off the Perpetual Fly face milling adds to its appeal.

Crafted from 303 stainless steel, the head boasts an aggressive Fly Mill face pattern, ensuring a soft and responsive feel. Its slightly concave face promotes topspin and roll, while the milled sightline aids alignment, serving as a helpful guide for golfers. If you haven’t done so yet, this is the putter to add to your bag.

Odyssey Ai-One 7 S Putter

Odyssey Ai-One 7 S Putter on a white background.

The Odyssey Ai-One 7 S Putter is a club that hit stores at the end of last year, and still emerges as a standout addition to any golfer’s arsenal in 2024. This remarkable putter is engineered with an AI-designed insert, ensuring more consistent ball speeds even on off-center strikes. Its Navy Blue PVD Finish adds a touch of sleek modernity to its aesthetic appeal.

Renowned for its precision, the Odyssey Ai-One 7 S Putter boasts a staggering 21% increase in accuracy compared to traditional milled putters. This feat is attributed to the unique contours adorning the back of the face, minimizing ball speed losses on off-center hits and resulting in putts that either nestle closer to the hole or find the bottom of the cup with greater frequency.

The putter’s acclaim extends to the professional circuit, where pros like Jon Rahm and Sam Burns have chosen to elevate their putting game with the new Ai-One models. Offering a profoundly satisfying putting experience, it comes as no surprise that Odyssey has maintained its status as one of the most favored putter brands on Tour for several consecutive years.

Cleveland HB Soft 2 #1 Putter 

Cleveland HB Soft 2 #1 Putter on a white background.

The Cleveland HB Soft 2 #1 Putter stands out as one of the best budget-friendly options for golfers in 2024, delivering exceptional performance and a smart design without breaking the bank. In terms of looks, the Cleveland HB Soft 2 #1 Putter boasts a sleek appearance with precise engravings, enhanced by its blasted satin finish, giving it a high-end aesthetic appeal. This is a solid overall club for those who love blade putters.

Performance-wise, this putter is equipped with Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT), ensuring consistent ball speed across the face. This innovative technology adjusts the impact surface area, resulting in a consistent performance regardless of where on the face the ball makes contact. Furthermore, the putter features a unique SOFT milling pattern, not only providing a distinct visual appeal but also delivering a feel that surpasses expectations, even for seasoned milled putter enthusiasts.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 Putter on a white background.

If you haven’t guessed by now, Titleist makes what most would call the epitome of performance when seeking the best golf clubs — add in collaborations with skilled artisanal artisans like Scotty Cameron (Bob Vokey Design wedges are an absolute must, too). You couldn’t make a more perfect club if you tried. It’s almost hard to fathom how a piece of art can perform as well as the Phantom putters.

This putter is engineered with dual-milled face technology, which provides a distinct sound and feel. The face and body of the putter are crafted from 303 stainless steel, combined with a lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate and flange. This combination ensures valuable weight savings without negatively affecting sound and performance.

The putter’s impressive MOI makes putts feel smooth and effortless, and it is an excellent choice for golfers who value precision, consistency, and comfort when putting. The Phantom 5.5 has been used by PGA pros like Justin Thomas and Patrick Cantlay, contributing to its popularity. Scotty Cameron spent extra time working on the alignment systems for each putter to ensure it was easy to align the head at address. For example, the angles on the heel and toe of Phantom 5 point toward the target and complement the milled sight dots to create a clear path to the target. Truly one of the best golf putters on Tour or in your bag.

PING PLD Milled Oslo 3 Putter

PING PLD Milled Oslo 3 Putter on a white background.

The Ping PLD Milled Oslo 3 Putter boasts a sizable mallet head, instilling confidence with its forgiving high MOI design. Crafted from 303-stainless steel using precise machining techniques, its gunmetal finish portrays quality while offering a touch of luxury. As a fresh addition to the Ping PLD Milled lineup, the Oslo 3 caters to golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke, appealing to a broad spectrum of players.

Driving the putter’s performance is the Aggressive Milling Pattern (AMP) face technology, refining the surface texture for enhanced sound, feel, and speed across all putting greens. By reducing weight and optimizing the center of gravity, this putter delivers improved accuracy and consistency with every stroke.

Embraced by professionals and amateurs alike for its timeless design and outstanding performance, the Oslo 3 is gaining popularity. With its enhanced accuracy and consistency, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness more pros making the switch to the Oslo 3 throughout the 2024 season, and one of our faves for best golf putters to add to your bag.