Navigating the vast Amazon marketplace for the highest-rated Amazon ellipticals can be a daunting task, but our guide in 2023 simplifies this process for readers. We’ve diligently researched and curated a selection of the most highly acclaimed ellipticals according to customer reviews. These top-rated machines cater to a diverse range of fitness needs, whether you’re setting up a home gym or seeking reliable options for a commercial fitness space. Our guide ensures you make an informed choice by featuring the newest models that have received exceptional praise from satisfied customers.

Our guide simplifies your search by featuring the best models that have garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving elliptical, a heavy-duty commercial-grade machine, or anything in between, our guide ensures you make an informed choice backed by the collective wisdom of Amazon users. These top-tier ellipticals not only deliver on performance but have been tried and tested by the people who matter most: those who use them regularly. With our guide, you can embark on your fitness journey in 2023 with the assurance that you’re investing in a machine that has received the seal of approval from those who have experienced it firsthand. Here are our top-reviewed Amazon ellipticals available to buy on the marketplace today.

Best overall Amazon elliptical: Sole E35 Elliptical (2020 Model)

Sole E35 Elliptical (2020 Model) on a white background.

The Sole E35 elliptical is Amazon’s top-rated elliptical, loved by customers for its features and performance. It provides a smooth, natural workout with both forward and reverse motion. At its core is a heavy 25-pound flywheel and high gear ratio, ensuring a smooth feel with ample resistance. The E35 offers a power incline function with adjustable ramp angles from 0 to 20 levels for targeting lower body muscles. It has stationary handlebars with pulse sensors and a heart rate chest strap for accurate monitoring.

Unique foot pedals with a 2-degree inward slope reduce stress on ankles and knees, while four rear wheels on heavy-duty rails provide stability. The elliptical includes a tablet holder, USB port for device charging, and Bluetooth Audio Speakers for entertainment. Notably, the E35 features articulating and adjustable foot pedals for personalized comfort and reduced discomfort.

Top Reason to Buy: Amazon’s top-rated elliptical offers a smooth, challenging workout with adjustable features and heart rate monitoring. Unique ergonomic foot pedals, tablet holder, and Bluetooth Audio Speakers add to its appeal. Ideal for those seeking a reliable and highly rated elliptical that caters to individual walking styles and provides an excellent workout experience. The Sole E35 is the top choice for a versatility and exceptionalism, making it a clear choice for our overall winner of one of the best Amazon ellipticals available on their marketplace.

Best budget elliptical: Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical – Smart

Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical - Smart edition on a white background.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Stepping Machine is the top choice for affordability and compactness. It offers a smart fitness solution via the SunnyFit App, with Bluetooth for real-time performance monitoring.

The SunnyFit App provides real-time metrics, location maps, 1,000+ workout videos, and an elliptical leaderboard for tracking progress. The digital monitor displays workout metrics, and the magnetic tension knob offers eight resistance levels. This elliptical has an 11-inch stride length, transportation wheels, and built-in pulse-sensing grips. It also includes a device holder for mobile devices.

Top Reason to Buy: Affordable and compact, with SunnyFit App, 8 resistance levels, bidirectional striding, and easy storage. Perfect for effective home workouts. This is our budget winner of one of the best Amazon ellipticals on the marketplace.

Best for heavier users: Niceday Elliptical Machine CT11

Niceday Elliptical Machine on a white background.

The Niceday Elliptical Machine is an ideal choice for budget-conscious users, especially those needing a sturdy option for heavier use. It’s easy to assemble, with around 90% pre-assembly, typically taking 30 minutes.

One standout feature is its hyper-quiet magnetic drive system, with noise as low as 20 decibels. It includes a substantial 16-pound flywheel with 16 resistance levels for smooth, efficient workouts without electrical power. Suitable for all fitness levels.

The elliptical features a stable frame made of extra-thick commercial steel pipe, supporting up to 400 pounds. A digital monitor displays workout data like time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse, aiding in effective training.

Top Reason to Buy: Budget-friendly choice for heavier users, easy assembly, quiet magnetic drive system, versatile resistance levels, and robust steel frame for stability. Precise workout data monitoring. Ideal for those seeking a cost-effective, stable elliptical.

Best classic elliptical: Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Schwinn 470 Elliptical on a white background.

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical combines classic design with modern enhancements, creating an engaging workout experience. It offers over 200 virtual courses with adjustable pacing, requiring an Explore the World subscription.

For diverse workouts, it features a 10° motorized ramp, 25 resistance levels, and a DualTrack LCD system with 29 programs. The elliptical’s 20-inch stride length and Precision Path foot motion technology provide a natural and comfortable workout experience.

Top Reason to Buy: A classic elliptical with modern features, including 200+ virtual courses. It offers a motorized ramp, 25 resistance levels, and 29 workout programs for variety. The 20-inch stride length and natural motion technology make it versatile and reliable for fitness enthusiasts.

Most stylish design: mobifitness Elliptical Machine (Classic)

mobifitness Elliptical Machine (Classic) on a white background.

The mobifitness Elliptical Machine for Home is not just a fitness device; it’s a work of art. Winner of the 2021 IF Design award, it blends Scandinavian style with top-tier performance. This elliptical provides a smooth, quiet, and low-impact workout, making it ideal for joint-friendly exercise. It features a 22-pound flywheel and 24 resistance levels for a realistic, gentle ride.

The commercial-grade aluminum rail track with a dual track minimizes wobbling, enhancing stability. Its compact front-drive design saves space, making it an aesthetic addition to any room.

Connecting via Bluetooth to a free app unlocks fitness possibilities, with professional training plans, exercise tracking, motivational games, and online competitions. With a 265-pound weight limit, 24 resistance levels, bi-directional pedaling, and alternative handlebars, it suits a wide range of users for a comprehensive workout.

Top Reason to Buy: A blend of style and function, with an award-winning design and joint-friendly workout. Commercial-grade quality and app connectivity for professional training and community engagement. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking a stylish and comprehensive elliptical and our best bet for those seeking one of the best sleek Amazon ellipticals.

Best minimalistic elliptical: Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Stepping Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Stepping Machine on a white background.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Stepping Machine is an exceptional choice for budget-conscious fitness enthusiasts. It offers an excellent balance of cost-effectiveness and key features to enhance your home gym experience. With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity to the SunnyFit App, this elliptical provides guided workouts led by expert trainers and real-time performance metrics on your mobile device. The app offers real-time metrics, world tour location maps, personalized workout plans, and a library of 1,000+ workout videos tailored to your schedule and fitness goals. You can also compete on a leaderboard, share achievements, and get workout tips.

The elliptical has an onboard performance monitor that tracks body fat, calories burned, distance, pulse rate, and more. It offers 12 levels of smooth magnetic resistance for precise intensity adjustment. With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, an 11-pound internal flywheel, and a 13.5-inch stride length, this elliptical ensures efficient workouts. It includes an aluminum bottle holder and heart rate hand grips for monitoring.

Top Reason to Buy: Affordable and feature-rich, with Bluetooth connectivity to SunnyFit App for guided workouts and real-time metrics. Offers customization, social engagement, and a sturdy build with multiple resistance levels. Ideal for efficient and budget-friendly home gym setups.