In an unprecedented and groundbreaking move, the NFL and WWE have solidified a multiyear licensing collaboration, giving rise to a captivating fusion of sports and entertainment. This extraordinary partnership aims to birth NFL-inspired WWE Legacy title belts that impeccably mirror the official colors and distinctive branding of all 32 NFL teams. These meticulously crafted championship belts are set to become a definitive symbol of the intertwined worlds of professional football and wrestling spectacle. Luckily, sports giant Fanatics has this line of officially licensed NFL belts, which is sure to reshape the realms of sports fandom and collectibles. Notably, this venture signifies a historic juncture as it marks the very first licensing agreement forged between the powerhouse entities of WWE and the NFL.

Now, enthusiasts can embrace their team’s legacy through these remarkable title belts without having to win the Lombardi Trophy, first. Priced at $549.99 each, these coveted belts are made available for purchase across three prominent online platforms, ushering in a new era of fan engagement and camaraderie. Taking center stage are the new WWE x NFL title belts — Check out more below!

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Kansas City Chiefs WWE Legacy Title Belt

Kansas City Chiefs WWE Legacy Title Belt on a white background.

The Kansas City Chiefs WWE Legacy Title Belt epitomizes the innovative collaboration between NFL and WWE. With meticulous attention to detail, this championship belt beautifully weaves the iconic imagery of the Chiefs with the theatrical charm of wrestling, making it a must-have collector’s item for fans of both sports and entertainment. Honor the reigning Super Bowl champs buy picking up your WWE x NFL title belts.

Philadelphia Eagles WWE Legacy Title Belt 

Philadelphia Eagles WWE Legacy Title Belt on a white background.

The Philadelphia Eagles WWE Legacy Title Belt captures the essence of the distinctive partnership between the NFL and WWE. Seamlessly blending the iconic elements of the Eagles’ identity, circa 1933, with the theatrical flair of wrestling, this title belt stands as a remarkable testament to the convergence of sports and entertainment, an enticing treasure for avid enthusiasts from both realms.