When it comes to flamboyant professional athlete personalities, while many have done it, few have done it as well as “Mr. Prime Time” himself, NFL legend Deion Sanders. Known for his unique style and rizz both on and off the field, his flashy personality, penchant for flashy jewelry, designer clothing, and next-level Deion Sanders sunglasses combined with his iconic touchdown celebrations made him a captivating figure for football fans. Sanders not only excelled as a cornerback and kick returner but also dabbled in professional baseball, showcasing his versatility. His magnetic charisma and swagger helped redefine the image of NFL players, influencing a generation of football fans to embrace the idea of athletes as pop icons, transcending the confines of the sport. Now, as he begins the Coach Prime era at Colorado after a successful run at Jackson State, he’s taking swag with him.

Having taken his business and recruiting acumen to Boulder as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, with him he also brings his one-of-a-kind style. Donning cowboy hats, puffer vests, and rizz-worthy polarized, gold-color shades, Coach Prime has taken the world of college football by storm yet again. In doing so, he has secured — with seemingly perfect timing, maybe in part thanks to Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell — a business partnership and collaboration with Blenders Eyewear, the sporty brand known for its affordable, polarized, and reflective sunglasses.

Recognizing an opening before Saturday night’s in-state rivalry game, Blenders supplied the entire Colorado team with Prime 21 sunglasses. Sanders went a step further by publicly gifting Dwayne Johnson, Stephen A. Smith, and other prominent figures on College GameDay his shades as well. In response to Norvell’s actions, Sanders quipped, “They don’t realize they just helped me with business.”

The best part is now you can own these soon-to-be iconic shades as well. Here are the Blenders x Deion Sanders sunglasses.

Blenders Prime 21 Polarized Deion Sanders Sunglasses – Gold

Blenders Prime 21 Sunglasses - Gold colored on a white background.

“You Gotta Believe” attitude! Blenders’ special partnership with Deion Sanders, ‘PRIME 21 – Gold,’ delivers a striking monochromatic style that’s as easy to spot as Coach Prime himself. These sunglasses make a statement with their crystal gold frame and a gold mirrored PureBlend Lens, ensuring top-notch scratch resistance and clarity. Complete with metallic ‘PRIME’ and ‘WE COMING’ temple badges, this collection pays homage to a true sports icon.

Blenders Prime 21 Polarized Deion Sanders Sunglasses – Black

Blenders Prime 21 Polarized Sunglasses - Black colored on a white background.

“Look good, feel good, play good” is Coach Prime’s motto, and you can take it to heart by snagging a pair of ‘PRIME 21 – Black’ sunglasses. These ‘Millenia X2’ shades stand out with a polarized PureBlend Lens for exceptional scratch resistance and a metal core that provides an improved fit and comfort. However, what truly sets ‘PRIME 21’ apart are the meticulous details. The matte-black frame is accented by gold-tone hardware and a glossy interior. To commemorate the Hall of Famer’s inaugural season at Folsom Field, metallic ‘PRIME’ and ‘WE COMING’ badges adorn the temples, serving as a reminder to seize the day and make it your best.

Stuntin’ like Prime

Even though these sunglasses are amazing just like Coach Prime, there is one slight downside. According to the Blenders website, these won’t be on your face until December, as that is their expected ship date. Luckily, the brand offers countless models, styles, and colorways that can suit your need-to-buy itch in the meantime.

Here is the same style Deion Sanders sunglasses in a slick, Mojave Mirage color (similar to the  Prime 21 Gold): Buy Here ($67)