As the weather continues to be warm with plenty of sun across the country, it’s time to double-check your gear and make sure you are hitting the driving range or links, arming yourself with the best golf gadgets available.

Regardless of your handicap, one thing is sure: having the best equipment is essential. Now is the ideal moment to conduct a golf gear audit and ask yourself, “What needs to be replaced, and what do I want to add this summer before fall gets here?” Although it appears to be a straightforward question, the answer may be more complicated.

So, you know you need to make some upgrades, but where do you start looking? What should you purchase? Let us assist you in this endeavor. We’ve compiled a list of the best golf gear in 2023.

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The Best Golf Gear in 2023

Besides having up-to-date and the best golf clubs available, upgrading your golf gear is the next most important task on your golf agenda. Here is our list of the best golf gear of 2023.

Golf Bags

If you invest in the best golf clubs, you must ensure you correctly display and carry them around on the course. Here are some of the best golf bags today.

Stitch SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag – White

Best golf gear Stitch golf bag in white colorway on a white background.

Officially dubbed the “perfect walking bag,” The SL2 is the perfect lightweight and durable golf bag for weekend golfers who prefer to walk. Featuring a 4-way top divider, multiple pockets, and an interchangeable strap system, it provides optimal storage and ultimate comfort for a convenient and enjoyable golfing experience. The ideal blend of style meets function.

Ghost Golf Anyday Ronin Golf Bag – Black

Blacked out Ghost golf golf bag on a white background.

Ghost Golf created an exceptional bag for the ultimate golfing experience thanks partly to a lightweight design of just 6.5 lbs. It features 7 and 14-way velvet-wrapped dividers, an oversized putter well, and dual straps for convenient carrying purposes. This bag also has a stable stand base, water bottle sleeves, carbon fiber legs, and an all-weather rain hood. Everything you’re looking for in a complete golf bag.

Sunday Golf Loma Golf Bag – Sand

Beige colored Sunday Golf Loma golf bag on a white background.

The Loma bag from Sunday Golf is the lightest stand bag for golfers to carry around the courses any day of the week. It can comfortably hold 6-7 clubs, comes with a strap and carry handle, and includes a valuables pocket lined with velour to safely store items like cellphones, wallets, and keys. Additionally, it has a perfect pouch that can hold up to 2 cans or one bottle, making it ideal for use at the driving range, especially when you want to practice with only a few clubs.

G Fore Transporter Tour Carry Golf Bag – White

White colored G Fore transporter golf bag on a grey background.

The G Fore Transporter Tour Carry golf bag is a stylish and durable option for carrying your golf gear. It is made from high abrasion-resistant tour-grade PU and has a matching rain hood to keep your clubs organized and protected. This bag has six pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket, a magnetic ball pocket, and a beverage pouch, giving you ample storage for all your accessories. Designed with a neoprene side panel and padded convertible strap, it offers a comfortable carrying experience. Weighing only 5.74 lbs, it is a lightweight option.

Golf Gloves

Don’t settle for cheap and poorly made golf gloves. Invest in noteworthy ones that will for sure have others on the course taking notice. Here are the best golf gloves in 2023.

Asher Golf Rust Golf Glove – Rust

Rust colored Asher golf rust golf glove on a white background.

100% AAA premium Cabretta leather, this ideal golf glove from Asher Golf delivers tour-grade quality suitable for any caliber golfer. This unique rust colorway offers the perfect vintage feel, too.

G Fore Golf Glove – Green

Clover green G Fore golf glove on a light grey background.

G Fore Golf has been able to take the plain golf gloves of old and add stunning pops of color, making their gloves one of a kind as your golf game. They offer multiple colorways to match any golfing outfit you decide to rock and are 100% AA Cabretta leather. Gloves are on the snug side, too.

Ghost Golf Ghost Glove (2-Pack) – Black/White

Black and white 2-pack golf gloves from Ghost Golf on a grey background.

Featuring premium AAA Cabretta leather, this 2-pack from Ghost Golf offers a broken-in, soft feel with an outstanding grip. These gloves also meet the USGA conforming standards.

Modest Vintage Player Pro Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves (3-Pack) – White 

Modest Vintage Player Pro Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves (3-Pack) white colored on a white background.

If bespoke and handcrafted artisanal fit your style, these gloves from MVP take the cake. These stunning gloves are made with premium Cabretta leather for the perfect supple feel with the aesthetics of something worn from a bygone era — the epitome of elegant class.

Golf Balls

These aren’t the cheap balls you’re crushing at the driving range. Here are our picks for the golf balls to help you crush every shot.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist pro v 1 golf balls in a box set on a white background.

There is a reason why this is the #1 ball on tour amongst the pros. The golf ball uses new technology to decrease the spin on long shots and has a casing layer that amplifies speed. It’s designed with 388 tetrahedral dimples that help to maintain a consistent and penetrating flight. It also has a soft cast urethane cover that provides good spin around the green—complete perfection.

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade distance+ golf balls in a packaged set on a white background.

The TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls are specifically designed for speed, with a “react speedcore” and aerodynamics that help reduce drag. The plus alignment aid on the ball assists with putting accuracy by allowing golfers to put the perfect roll on the ball in line with their intended target. Better alignment means more putts drained.

Callaway Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft 360 Triple Track Golf Balls with red and blue accent colors in a golf pack on a white background.

Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball features their new Precision Technology, enabling better long-distance hits and a softer feel favored by golfers, from newbies to touring pros and PGA major winners. With the famous “triple track technology,” the ball has 360° surface coverage for improved alignment and visual roll feedback on the putting greens.

The Best Golf Gadgets

As technology has drastically evolved over the past ten years, it was only a matter of time before the latest and greatest tech started appearing on the golf course. Here are some of our favorite gadgets to help you take your game to the next level!

TOHIFER Golf Practice Net

TOHIFER Golf Practice Net on a white background.

The TOHIFER Practice Hitting Net is a versatile golf training aid designed for both beginners and experienced golfers. This net offers a convenient and portable solution for practicing chipping and hitting shots in the backyard or any open space. With its durable construction and easy setup, golfers can work on their swing mechanics and accuracy while enjoying the convenience of practicing their shots from the comfort of their own environment.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro

SKLZ Accelerator Pro putting pad on a white background.

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a premium putting mat designed to help golf enthusiasts improve their putting skills. Featuring a true-roll surface and alignment guides, this putting mat offers a realistic and effective practice experience for players of all levels. Whether practicing at home or in the office, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro aims to enhance consistency and precision in putting strokes, making it an essential tool for refining golfers’ performance on the green.

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Smartwatch

Blacked-out Garmin Approach S62 GPS Smartwatch with club sensors on a white background.

The Garmin Approach S62 Golf Watch with CT10 club tracking sensors is for those who take golf seriously. Each watch offers GPS distance to greens, hazards, and doglegs on over 41,000 courses worldwide (yes, your read that right). It also includes activity tracking and a high-resolution touchscreen, providing the features of a smartwatch with a premium golf GPS watch, all-in-one. This model also boasts a ceramic bezel and black leather band, which can equally double as your everyday wear watch.

Bushnell Golf Launch Pro Simulator

Image of the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro Simulator on a white background.

Ready to turn your garage, basement, attic, or backyard into your home simulator? Then consider investing (yes, it is quite the price tag) in the Bushnell Golf Launch Pro. This simulator measures launch conditions and ball flight with the industry’s most reliable and accurate results, analyzing thousands of frames per second. With true-to-life simulation, users can practice on the world’s best courses and fine-tune their skills from the comfort of their homes — or anywhere, for that matter. The Launch Pro provides unmatched ball flight data by precisely analyzing ball and club performance at impact, making it suitable for any location.

Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder

Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder image on a white background.

With hundreds of rangefinders on the market, finding one that is reliable, accurate, and affordable is challenging. Enter the Callaway 300 Slope Pro laser rangefinder. This rangefinder offers precise slope measurement and features 6x magnification, a range of 5-1000 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy, and Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) to lock onto pins up to 300 yards away. This rangefinder is even suitable for tournament play and comes with a premium molded hard carry case.

Golf Gear & Gadgets

Your golf game is only as good as the gear you use. So, ensure you have the latest and greatest in your golf tech and equipment, which will keep you hitting the ball like your favorite tour pros. Whether or not you’ll ever be as good as them is up to you.