Peace and quiet. It’s a luxury that may be harder to embrace in today’s modern life. Luckily for you, technology is helping everyone embrace tranquility. Noise-canceling headphones provide an unparalleled listening experience by eliminating external distractions. These headphones are the epitome of audio immersion, whether you’re looking to lose yourself in music or seeking solace from the hecticness of a daily commute or a crowded flight. Our guide is your gateway to the best noise-canceling headphones on the market in 2023, meticulously selected to offer an audio oasis in any environment.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler in need of serenity during long flights or a music lover who craves pure audio bliss, our guide simplifies the process of choosing the perfect noise-canceling headphones. We’ve researched and handpicked options that cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring that you find the ideal pair to match your unique needs. Let our guide lead you to the best noise-canceling headphones that deliver an immersive listening experience, whether you’re escaping into music or seeking serenity from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. With these top-notch headphones, you’ll savor every note and moment of equanimity, making them an indispensable addition to your audio arsenal in 2023.

Best overall: Sony WH-1000XM5 Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones – Black

Sony WH-1000XM5 Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones - Black colored on a white background.

When searching for the ultimate all-around noise-canceling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM5 Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones in Black stand out as the epitome of excellence. These headphones immerse you in a realm of pristine sound quality and uninterrupted listening. Redefining audio standards, they proudly feature industry-leading noise cancellation powered by two processors and eight microphones, adapting seamlessly to your environment through the Auto NC Optimizer. Engineered with the state-of-the-art Integrated Processor V1, they deliver magnificent sound quality. Four beamforming microphones ensure crystal-clear hands-free calls, while the remarkable battery life of up to 30 hours, along with quick charging, guarantees uninterrupted music enjoyment. Their lightweight, ultra-comfortable design, coupled with soft-fit leather, ensures extended listening pleasure. In summary, the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones reign supreme as the best available on the market, making them the perfect choice for discerning audio enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Top Reason to Buy: Powered by the innovative Integrated Processor V1 and featuring four beamforming microphones, ensure superior sound quality and crystal-clear hands-free calls, elevating your communication and entertainment experiences. With an impressive 30-hour battery life and the convenience of quick charging, your music stays by your side throughout the day, making these headphones the perfect companion for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Best budget: Soundcore by Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Black

Soundcore by Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black colored on a white background.

Isolated silence doesn’t always mean shelling out multiple hundreds of dollars. Introducing the Space Q45 noise-canceling headphones, designed to elevate your quiet time with an incredible 98% reduction in noise. This fully upgraded noise-canceling system is engineered to target and block out a wider range of disturbances, from the roar of plane engines to the cries of infants, ensuring you enjoy a serene personal space wherever your journey takes you. Whether you find yourself indoors, outdoors, commuting, or on a flight, Space Q45’s adaptive noise-canceling technology will intuitively select the most suitable noise-canceling level for your surroundings. Additionally, the companion app allows you to choose from five noise-canceling presets, tailoring your auditory experience to perfection. With a whopping 50 hours of playtime in noise-canceling mode, these headphones are perfect for travelers, ensuring they last through around-the-world flights without needing a recharge. In normal mode, you can enjoy up to 65 hours of playtime, and even if you’re running low on battery, a quick 5-minute charge will provide you with an impressive 4 hours of playback. Moreover, the 40mm drivers, featuring a pioneering double-layer diaphragm crafted from silk and ceramic materials, produce sound with intense bass and crisp treble.

Top Reason to Buy: Delivering an impressive 98% reduction in noise, they create a serene sanctuary during your travels without straining your budget. Their adaptive noise-canceling technology intelligently adjusts to your surroundings, making them versatile for a range of settings. The accompanying app further enhances your experience, offering five customizable noise-canceling levels to suit your preferences precisely. With an exceptional battery life of 50 hours in noise-canceling mode, these headphones are tailor-made for long journeys.

Best high-end: Bowers & Wilkins Px8 – Black

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 - Black colored on a white background.

Few names resonate as well with luxury as the Bowers & Wilkins brand does when it comes to headphones. The Bowers & Wilkins PX8 are the flagship wireless headphones that offer exceptional performance, premium craftsmanship, intelligent technology, and smart features. These headphones feature Carbon Cone drive units, delivering outstanding sound quality that captures the nuances in your music that other headphones often miss. The design incorporates cast aluminum arms, fine Nappa leather trim, and diamond-cut bright detailing, resulting in a stunning premium aesthetic. The PX8 headphones combine a high-resolution 24-bit DSP with all-new 40mm Carbon Cones for exceptional clarity and realism. They feature active noise cancellation with six microphones for a superior listening experience while preserving call quality

Top Reason to Buy: Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the PX8 headphones shine with Carbon Cone drive units that deliver exceptional sound quality and an active noise cancellation system featuring six microphones. Their premium design, featuring cast aluminum arms and fine Nappa leather trim, enhances your listening experience with a touch of luxury. Furthermore, the PX8 headphones support high-resolution audio streaming through aptXTM Adaptive wireless technology and potent DSP, guaranteeing superior sound quality when indulging in content from compatible streaming services. Luxurious and silent.

Best earbuds: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II – Soapstone

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II - Soapstone colored on a white background.

When it comes to earbuds that set the bar for industry-leading noise cancellation, Bose stands head and shoulders above the rest. Prepare to dive into your favorite tunes on the go with the QuietComfort Earbuds II by Bose. These earbuds provide a secure and comfortable fit, making them ideal for use anytime, anywhere – even in challenging weather conditions, thanks to their sweat and weather-resistant design. Effortless control is right at your fingertips, with simple touch commands that let you skip songs, answer calls, and more with a quick tap. What truly distinguishes these earbuds is their robust and reliable wireless Bluetooth 5.3 connection, guaranteeing uninterrupted audio playback without skips or dropouts, even in bustling environments

Top Reason to Buy: Customize your listening experience to perfection with these earbuds’ adjustable noise-canceling settings, ranging from full transparency with Aware mode to complete noise cancellation with Quiet mode. Revel in an impressive 6 hours of battery life, and with the convenience of the wireless charging case, enjoy an additional 18 hours of uninterrupted music, ensuring your tunes keep pace with your entire day.

Best for Apple lovers: Apple AirPods Max – Silver

Apple AirPods Max - Silver colored on a white background.

Apple once again sets the standard with their AirPods Max, boasting a minimalist design with a clean modern aesthetic. These headphones redefine audio excellence through an Apple-designed dynamic driver delivering immersive high-fidelity sound. Every element, from the carefully crafted knit-mesh canopy to the plush memory foam ear cushions, ensures an exceptional and comfortable fit. Experience industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation that effectively blocks external distractions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music. When situational awareness is required, the Transparency mode seamlessly integrates the outside world. With spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, a theater-like sound experience envelops you. Computational audio, driven by the Apple H1 chip and software, elevates your listening experience. These headphones offer a magical experience with effortless setup, on-head detection, and seamless device switching. You can even share audio between two sets of AirPods on your Apple devices. With up to 20 hours of listening, movie watching, or talk time, along with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled, your entertainment knows no bounds. When not in use, the slim Smart Case ensures ultra-low-power storage.

Top Reason to Buy: Apple-designed dynamic driver guarantees high-fidelity audio, coupled with industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation for an unparalleled listening experience. Seamlessly enjoy theater-like sound with spatial audio and dynamic head tracking using Transparency mode. The Apple H1 chip, in conjunction with cutting-edge software and computational audio, unlocks groundbreaking listening experiences. Setting up and using these headphones is effortless, thanks to features like on-head detection and seamless device switching. Enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment or silence.

Best of the rest: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 – Black

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - Black colored on a white background.

When it comes to peace and quiet, one name comes to mind in terms of noise-canceling headphones, and that’s Bose. The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Over-Ear Wireless Earphones redefine your audio experience and, truthfully, could just as easily serve as our best overall noise-canceling headphones. These Bluetooth headphones put you in control of your environment with customizable noise cancellation, ranging from complete isolation to ambient sound blending seamlessly with your music. With features like Conversation Mode, you can quickly pause your music to engage in conversations while wearing these over-the-ear headphones. A sophisticated microphone system adapts to noisy and windy surroundings, ensuring clear calls for both you and the person on the other end. Designed for comfort, the Bose Headphones 700 feature a stainless steel headband and soft over-the-ear cushions, making them ideal for all-day listening. Plus, they offer up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge, with a quick 15-minute charge providing up to 2 hours of use. These headphones can also create a full sound experience without disturbing others by pairing them with select Bose smart soundbars using Bose SimpleSync.

Top Reason to Buy: Whether you seek total immersion in your music or need to remain aware of your surroundings, these headphones offer adjustable cancellation levels to suit your preference. With the convenience of Conversation Mode, transitioning between these modes is effortless. These headphones are equipped with a top-tier microphone system, ensuring crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments. Designed with all-day comfort in mind, they feature a lightweight stainless steel headband and plush cushions. With up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and quick charging, you can enjoy uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Master & Dynamic MW75 Wireless Headphones – Silver Metal/Black Leather

Master and Dynamic MW75 - Silver Metal/Black Leather colored on a white background.

Master and Dynamic presents the MW75 Headphones, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and luxury design. These headphones combine Bluetooth 5.1 with aptX Adaptive technology, ensuring a stable wireless high-resolution audio experience with a remarkable range. The 40mm Beryllium drivers deliver detailed acoustic quality, while the headphones themselves are meticulously crafted using lightweight anodized aluminum, tempered glass, and silky-soft lambskin leather. The MW75 headphones exude luxury and durability, and they come with a felted hard shell travel case for added protection during your travels. With a 28-hour battery life and rapid charging, they are perfect for those who seek both quality and longevity in their everyday headphones.

Top Reason to Buy: Four beamforming microphones and acoustically tuned mesh offer two modes of ambient listening that enhance outdoor awareness while preserving crystal-clear talk clarity. Users have the flexibility to personalize their sound by fine-tuning the EQ with in-app sound profiles and accessing various ANC modes through the M&D Connect app. This ensures that each listening experience is tailored precisely to individual preferences, underscoring the MW75’s commitment to delivering top-tier performance.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphones – Gray Mist 

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphones - Gray Mist colored on a white background.

If money isn’t an issue, these may very well be the noise-canceling headphones for you. The Beoplay H95 headphones are designed for discerning audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of sound quality and comfort with money to spare. These headphones boast two 40mm titanium drivers with neodymium magnets, meticulously selected and customized to enhance sound precision and elevate low-frequency response. The result is a powerful, precise, and immersive soundstage that lets you hear every nuance of your music. The sophisticated Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation utilizes an array of eight microphones to adapt to your surroundings, ensuring that outside distractions fade away, allowing you to focus on your music. Crafted with premium materials like titanium, lambskin leather, and memory foam, these over-ear headphones provide an exceptionally comfortable fit, perfect for extended listening sessions.

Top reason to buy: Exceptional sound quality and an extended battery life. With a remarkable 38 hours of playtime on a single charge, even with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) enabled, these headphones allow you to immerse yourself in your music for longer. Beoplay H95 achieves unparalleled sound quality through custom-tailored titanium drivers and Bang & Olufsen’s advanced Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation technology.