Some player’s careers seem to take off at the speed of a rocket ship — none more so than Austin Reaves. Get ready to step into the world of athletic prowess with Austin Reaves, the dynamic force from the Los Angeles Lakers who’s been making waves in his second season. Having secured a max contract with Rigorer as well as a decent four-year deal with the Lakers, and showcased his skills on the global stage with Team USA in the FIBA World Cup, Reaves has now elevated his game off the court by continuing his partnering with the esteemed Chinese sportswear brand Rigorer to create his own signature kicks in more colorways. The “Milky Way” edition of the AR1 shoes, dropping exclusively on KICKS CREW for $100 on December 8th, is the latest stride in Reaves’ fitness-forward journey.

Already a sensation, Reaves’ initial releases flew off the shelves, igniting a fitness frenzy. Now, as he extends his collaboration with Rigorer and takes on a shareholder role, it’s a testament to their shared vision of global expansion and a commitment to delivering top-tier athletic footwear at accessible prices.

The “Milky Way” colorway, a celestial blend of purples and blues, not only pays tribute to Reaves’ stellar rise but also aligns with the Lakers’ iconic purple hue. More than just a visual treat, the AR1 is engineered for peak athletic performance, drawing inspiration from Rigorer’s basketball legacy. KICKS CREW, Rigorer’s global launch partner, ensures a seamless shopping experience for fitness enthusiasts eager to lace up the “Milky Way” edition. Join Reaves and Rigorer on this fitness journey, where style meets performance in the realm of basketball footwear. Here is where you can buy the Rigorer AR1 Milky Way before they go interstellar — (they go live at 11 A.M. EST).

Rigorer AR1 ‘Milky Way’ – Purple

Rigorer AR1 Milky Way - Purple colorway on a white background.

The Rigorer AR1 sets a new standard as a high-performance juggernaut crafted for athletes to reach unparalleled heights. Revolutionizing the game, it’s cutting-edge Woven Cocoon Upper seamlessly blends breathability with steadfast support, delivering optimal comfort in the heat of intense play and unwavering stability during rapid movements. Elevating the experience further, the AR1 boasts the ShowTime Tech Foam Midsole, encased in EVA foam, providing a responsive and low-court feel that translates to unmatched energy return. This advanced cushioning system not only enhances comfort but also propels athletes to soaring heights with explosive leaps and seamless transitions. Step into a new era of basketball performance with the Rigorer AR1 – where innovation meets aspiration on the court.

This fresh “Milky Way” design showcases a lively palette of vibrant purples and blues, commemorating Austin’s latest career milestone and the festive spirit of the Christmas season. This distinctive and attention-grabbing color fusion not only marks a celebration of Reaves’ stellar performance but also visually encapsulates his ascent to rising star status on the basketball scene. Step into the holidays with a burst of color that mirrors both achievement and the joyous season, embodied in the uniquely captivating “Milky Way” design.

Other Worthy AR1 Colorways:  Rigorer AR1 ‘Ice Cream’ – White/Sky Blue/Yellow/Electric Pink

Rigorer AR1 Ice Cream Regular Box - White/Sky Blue/Yellow/Electric Pink colorway on a white background.

Introducing the AR1 in a delightful ‘ice cream’ colorway – a unique expression that goes beyond aesthetics. This one-of-a-kind palette signifies the universal appeal of ice cream as a shared interest, transcending borders to bring people together from every corner of the globe.

But there’s more than meets the eye with these sneakers; they integrate cutting-edge technology for an enhanced performance experience. With an innovative bubble structure filled with physical foaming material, the AR1 ensures your comfort by preventing traditional shoelaces from causing discomfort. The shoes also boast improved stability and a remarkable rebound rate, providing the support you need for swift movements. The inclusion of Triangle EVA and TPU on both sides enhances heel stability, while the rope embroidery upper delivers a light, breathable feel with robust support. Step into a world where style meets functionality with the AR1 ‘ice cream’ colorway, offering a truly exceptional sneaker experience.

Rigorer AR1 ‘Showtime’ – Black/Gold

Rigorer AR1 'Showtime' - Black/Gold colorway on a white background.

The Austin Reaves Rigorer AR1 “Showtime” pays a vibrant homage to the Lakers’ illustrious “Showtime” legacy, embodying the team’s triumphs and Austin’s ambitious mission to revive that glory. Engineered with precision, the AR1 boasts woven cocoon uppers, TPU panels, a bubble lacing system, Showtime Foam Tech midsoles enveloped in EVA foam, anti-torsion TPU plates, and anti-slip rubber outsoles.

In this Lakers-inspired colorway, the iconic purple and gold subtly accent a sleek black base, creating a visual symphony that serves as Reaves’ personal tribute to the Lakers’ Showtime legacy. This design not only reflects his profound respect for tradition but also underscores his commitment to infusing that same charismatic flair back into his squad.

Beyond the aesthetics, these shoes prioritize performance with a woven cocoon upper that ensures both breathability and lockdown support. Adding a touch of personal motivation, the inner uppers feature the empowering words “I’M HIM.” The Rigorer AR1 undoubtedly stands as Reaves’ top choice when hitting the court for the Lakers, although its status may face competition with the captivating new Milky Way colorway, promising to be a stellar addition to his sneaker lineup.