The 2024 WNBA season is off to one of the hottest starts in its league’s history. With a highly touted rookie class and veteran superstars ready to give them a rough welcome, it’s set to be one of the most exciting seasons in recent history. With teams looking to win the WNBA Finals, some looking to three-peat, some of the biggest and brightest names are eager to make an impact this season, none more so than veteran All-Star and New York Liberty’s megastar Breanna Stewart. Already an icon on the hardwoods, Breanna is making waves away from the action with her somewhat recent partnership collab with Puma. Now already one of the longest-running collaborations available, the best Puma Stewie shoes, whether from her first signature release or her more recent and vibrant collection, the Stewie 2’s, they have been innovative and stylish. Now with the latest Stewie 3’s available, here are some of our faves for those seeking the best Puma Stewie shoes for this stellar tag-team.

Puma Stewie 3 ‘Dawn’ – Yellow Sizzle/Fluro Peach Pes/Cobalt Glaze/Luminous Blue/Yellow Sizzle/Fluro Peach Pes/Cobalt Glaze/Luminous Blue

Puma Stewie 3 'Dawn' - Yellow Sizzle/Fluro Peach Pes/Cobalt Glaze/Luminous Blue/Yellow Sizzle/Fluro Peach Pes/Cobalt Glaze/Luminous Blue colorway on a light gray background.

With her third iteration in her signature lineup, Breanna went with fun and summer-vibe colorway. The Puma Stewie 3 is her latest release that tells the story of Breanna Stewart’s success story of being a world-renown brand in women’s basketball. This shoe features an enclosed nitrogen-infused foam that is termed Nitro, responsible for responsiveness in addition to the cushioning function in as light a package as possible. It also comes with an engineered woven mesh, which is used for the upper part to provide crisp ventilation and support, and it also comes with a TPU cage that is used to provide protection and endurance.

The midsole is filled with Nitrofoam to give the shoe extra comfort, while the outsole is high-abrasion, non-slip rubber for safety and support. Overall, the Puma Stewie 3 is not only apparel but also a reflection of Breanna Stewart’s impact on the world of women’s basketball. This option is very comfortable, provides ample support, and is built to last, which makes it suitable for all levels of ballers. And while the exact colorcode Puma decide to attach to this model may be a mouthful (try and say it five times fast), it gives off vibrant summer feels. Reminiscent of a push-pop on a warm summer day — we’ll take it!

Puma Stewie 2 ‘Water’ – Aqua/White

Puma Stewie 2 'Water' - Aqua/White colorway on a white background.

Just like the colorway dubbed ‘water’ implies, these shoes give off lazy days floating in a pool on a hot sun-shining summer’s day. The Stewie 2 ‘water’ name originates from Breanna being a smooth player who glides on the basketball floor and makes signal changes, shots and defensive stands look easy to handle — the fluidity of water. While the ‘water’ colorway has the appearance of an all-water print shoe, it is ready for the court with the incorporation of PWRTAPE reinforcements located at the corresponding areas, Nitro-infused midsole, high-wear outsole, and an aesthetic sculpted wraparound heel. Look and play great.

Puma ‘Fire’ Stewie 2 – Black/Red

Puma 'Fire' Stewie 2 - Black/Red colorway on a white background.

For those who like to go scorched-Earth on opposing defenders, this is the hot Puma Stewie shoe for you. A firey design, this colorway, with its red and orange colors, the Stewie 2 ‘fire’ is an explosive design that was inspired by Stewie’s ability to catch fire on the basketball court at any point in time during games. This powerful silhouette can be seen as proof of Stewie’s great potential for scoring from any point on the hardwoods, like a true force of nature.

Stewie x Mi Amor Women’s Basketball Shoes – Passionfruit/Club Red

Stewie x Mi Amor Women's Basketball Shoes - Passionfruit/Club Red colorway on a light gray background.

Originally released as a nod to Valentine’s Day, this colorway was a way to highlight and celebrate every baller’s number one love— the love for the game, which this shoe does an excellent job of doing. It also comes with a nitrogen-infused midsole designed to enhance responsiveness and provide all the bounce required to get to the rim, and a non-slip rubber outsole to aid in movements such as cutting to the lane and performing crossover moves on the opponent. The passionfruit/club red still give off a warmer feel, just like the summer time.

Leadcat 2.0 Stewie 3 Men’s Sandals – Fluro Peach Pes/Yellow Sizzle

Leadcat 2.0 Stewie 3 Men's Sandals - Fluro Peach Pes/Yellow Sizzle colorway on a light gray background.

Whether you’re commuting to or from the gym, courts, training, or pool for that matter, ya need a solid pair of slides, and these fresh ones from Puma Stewie are your perfect fit. The strap buckles are made of leather with cushioning, allowing firm and comfortable wearing, and the footbed has a unique shape for all-day comfort. Feel free to wear them during your next beach party, pool party or backyard barbeque — these slides are for the sweeter things in life and will definitely have you making a big splash this summer.