There is no doubt that running is one of the most popular and fun exercises, dare we say overall cost efficient, too, that should be part of your workout regime. But, to be comfy and motivated for ongoing success, you first need the right shoes. Choosing the proper running shoes is a vital part of an overall performance, let along to experience the joy of running, no matter if you’re a newbie or a professional runner. The footwear that always stands out is the Nike, and the best Nike running shoes will help you achieve you goals.

If you’re trying to find the best Nike running shoes for 2024 they are thousands to scroll through from online marketplaces. This article will save you the time as offer some of the best-selling and highly-rated Nike running shoes in order to assist you in finding the best pair for your running goals. Be it running for a longer distance or at a fast speed, here are the Nike shoe that will help you achieve the goal. So, let’s dive into the top Nike running shoes of 2024 and get ready to set some new PRs.

Best overall Nike running shoes: Nike Pegasus 40 “Eliud Kipchoge” – White/Chile Red/Coconut Milk/Black

Nike Pegasus 40 "Eliud Kipchoge" - White/Chile Red/Coconut Milk/Black colorway on a light gray background.

Our first option of highly-recommended Nike running shoes is the Nike Pegasus 40. With this shoe, you get that springy and alive feeling thanks to its responsive and adaptive nature you get from every step. It has two Zoom Air units placed – one in the forefoot and one in the heel – thus ensuring a dynamic and energetic experience at toe-off. The one-layer netting is shaped according to the exact requirements of your foot, ensuring comfort and perfect fit. Some bonus points are the new midfoot strap is added to the redesign which fits the arch of your feet, with the ability to cater to arch types such as high and low arches.

The Nike Pegasus 40 is available in standard, wide, and extra-wide, making it suitable for different foot sizes. Therefore, it is pretty easy to find the most comfortable size for you. Regardless, if you are running long distances, doing track speed workouts or participating in fun and friendly group runs, the Nike Pegasus 40 will be your go-to shoe, that’s versatile and standing-ready for any running challenge.

Unlike previous types this version gives extra comfort in the arch and toes. Whether it be a 26.2 mile marathon, a single speed session when you’re short on time, or an easy Sunday stroll through the park, each day the Nike Pegasus 40 will be your best bet, mile after mile.

Best cheap Nike running shoes: Nike Revolution 5 – Black

Nike Revolution 5 - Black color on a white background.

The Nike Revolution 5 Running shoes represent affordable Nike running shoes that work effectively at performance, comfort and style, which serve to promote each runner’s self-awareness — bringing on motivation and confidence in each stride. The shoe’s revolutionary comfort is based on the implantation of softer materials, ensuring each step is a consistent and a pleasant experience throughout your run.

The soft foam midsole provides constant cushioning and sound support, which in theory, can help to reduce injuries. On top of that, Nike also used the textured outer wall, which is not just for stability, but reduces the shoe’s overall weight, as well. The tread, which is properly spaced out, facilitates natural foot-flexion, thus merging durability and reliability, which are able to meet the specific requirements for different types of running surfaces. For those on a tighter budget, these are some of the best Nike running shoes around.

Best lightweight shoes: Nike Men’s Free Run 5.0 Running Shoes – Black/Black

Nike Men's Free Run 5.0 Running Shoes - Black/Black colored on a white background.

Nike Men’s Free Run 5.0 Running Shoes represents our pick for some of the best lighter Nike footwear. With the help of a heel pull tab, these shoes are a perfect blend of the Free Run series’ popular flexibility and an assured design that keeps you connected to the ground for superior stability.

In terms of the in-shoe comfort, the new cushioning is just as light, yet it is softer, and more responsive compared to its previous versions. The laser-cut grooves on the sole of the shoe add to the flexibility of the shoe as a whole, enabling a free and unobstructed running sensation. The Nike purists who love the feeling of being in contact with the ground, that they have come to love for the Free’s, will surely love this model.

The upper is constructed of a knit material that is quite breathable, allowing plenty of room for your foot to comfortably stretch while you are running. Apart from that, Flywire technology passes through the laces of the shoe at the side, providing midfoot support and keeping your foot locked. Durability and traction are where the Nike Free Run 5.0 is a real hero. The rubber in the forefoot and heel guarantees the lasting power required to keep you going, ensuring that these shoes are a dependable choice for your running activities.

Best long-distance shoes: Nike Alphafly 2 – Luminous Green/Crimson Tint/Volt/Black

Nike Alphafly 2 - Luminous Green/Crimson Tint/Volt/Black colorway on a light gray background.

When on the run for the miles and marathons, look no more. The best long-distance Nikes are the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2, which are created to offer speed and an elevated running experience. This footwear is made to help you reduce time from your personal bests and give support, which is required for long-distance running. The union of a thick and light support system provides a perfect balance between comfort and speed and is the top energy returner among Nike’s racing shoes, coaxing you to chase your personal bests.

Zoom Air units and full-length ZoomX foam are incorporated in these sneakers, Nike’s highest energy return cushioning system, adding more spring in every stride. The thin rubber outsole provides more traction and space for a little more ZoomX under the Zoom Air cushioning, which provides more bounce as well as a better heel-to-toe transition.

The full-length carbon fiber plate brings a roll-forward sensation which propels you forward and makes your stride move smoothly. The forefoot and heel of the shoe both have wider bases that provide stability as you negotiate turns on the race course or tacks.

Other advantages of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2 are the Atomknit material in the upper to provide tailored but light and ultra-breathable fit. Lofted heel pods, which are purposely tailored, use Flyknit yarns to deliver sustained comfort, with notched laces making your lacing up soft and secure. The knit tongue that is integrated with lofted padding ensures a consistent, comfortable fit with no lace pressure. The unique design, based on feedback from hundreds of runners, deliberately positions various angles of traction in areas where needed, providing grip from the moment of foot-strike to toe-off. This shoe is as loaded as any in the market.

Best trail running Nikes: Nike Men’s Terra Kiger 8 Trail Running Shoes – Orange/Black

Nike Men's Terra Kiger 8 Trail Running Shoes - Orange/Black colorway on a white background.

Our best trail running Nikes are the Nike Men’s Terra Kiger 8 trail running shoes. Created for off-road activities, these shoes give priority to lightweight, breathable mesh in the upper for a fresh and found feeling. An additional lining on the top makes the shoes have a double-line protection that keeps dirt away and increases running comfort.

Comfort inside the shoe, the Terra Kiger 8 has a padded tongue which eliminates swelling pressure that some may experience during a long run. Forefoot Zoom Air unit adds energy response, leading you down the trail with bounciness. React technology by Nike, is a lightweight and durable foam which, provides a responsive ride and comfort as well as support on challenging terrains.

The Terra Kiger 8 is tough and trail-ready and also includes a rock plate to protect your foot on rough terrain. The toe skins ensure more abrasion resistance to toughen the shoe, as well. The heel of the outsole features multidirectional lugs, which are made of high-abrasion rubber that ensures excellent traction on both descents and ascents, and stability on different types of trails. Overall, these shoes provide agility over rough terrains, representing the perfect choice for trail runners who look for both comfort and durability.

Most stylish runners: Nike InfinityRN 4 – White/Platinum Tint/Light Crimson/Velvet Brown

Nike InfinityRN 4 - White/Platinum Tint/Light Crimson/Velvet Brown colorway on a light gray background.

The Nike InfinityRN 4 is the star of the show for fashion-savvy runners looking for the trendiest Nike running shoes — a modern reimagination of a well-known classic. Featuring Nike ReactX foam that delivers 13% more energy return than its predecessor, Nike React foam, these shoes come with supportive cushioning customized for a smooth run. Aside from its performance, the Nike ReactX foam also leads the sustainability category, cutting its carbon footprint by 43%, at least per pair of midsoles, when compared to the React foam.

Accompanied by Nike Running’s best-fitting Flyknit technology, the Nike Infinity 4 provides an upper support and ventilation ensuring you can run off at any time and anywhere. The shoe enables you to focus on your run so that you can go faster and further, with every stride supported by its intuitive design.

The Nike InfinityRN 4 excels in three key aspects: cushion, support, and rebound. These shoes offer high cushioning and, thus, a soft and comfortable running experience, decreasing impact as your feet hit the surface. The support goes deep, ensuring stability of your natural stride that is delivered in the curved outsole, which promotes a rocking motion from toe to heel that is more efficient, and every step made feels more natural. The moderate bounce of the shoe results in great energy return with every step because of the ReactX foam, making you run faster and with less effort. Basically, the Nike InfinityRN 4 is the personification of style and substance in the world of Nike running shoes.