Fitbit stands at the forefront of wearable technology, offering a comprehensive range of health and fitness trackers designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re aiming to track daily steps, monitor workout performance, analyze sleep patterns, or manage stress levels, the best Fitbits provide an array of features and models to help you better understand and improve your overall health. Our guide serves as your compass in the world of Fitbits, presenting the latest and greatest models available on the market, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your health and fitness tracking needs.

From simple wristbands to multifunctional smartwatches, our guide simplifies the selection process. We’ve conducted the research to identify the best Fitbits that cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring that you discover the ideal device to enhance your wellness journey. Let our guide be your fitness ally, leading you to the best Fitbit that offers advanced features, precise tracking, and seamless integration into your daily life. With these top-notch wearables, you’ll gain deeper insights into your health, allowing you to take meaningful steps toward a fitter, healthier you in 2023 and beyond.

Best overall Fitbit: Fitbit Charge 6 – Obsidian/Black Aluminum

Fitbit Charge 6 - Obsidian/Black Aluminum colorway on a white background.

The original brand that kickstarted the global health movement by encouraging people to lead more active lives, Fitbit has been at the forefront of this endeavor. It has consistently motivated individuals to aim for 10,000 daily steps. Presenting the latest and most impressive addition to their lineup, the Fitbit Charge 6. This cutting-edge fitness and health tracker are purpose-built to enhance your daily routine. It boasts essential functionalities and seamlessly integrates with Google services such as YouTube Music, Google Maps, and Google Wallet. The Fitbit Charge 6 offers a comprehensive toolkit to support you in achieving your health and fitness objectives, from monitoring your daily progress to enhancing your overall well-being. Its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices ensures a smooth experience for a wide array of users.

Effortlessly control YouTube Music, navigate using Google Maps, and conduct transactions via Google Wallet right from your wrist. Furthermore, it provides an extensive array of health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, sleep quality, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), VO2 max, and stress levels. The inclusion of built-in GPS bolsters its tracking capabilities, and it can manage calls and texts when paired with a compatible device.

Top Reason to Buy: Seamless integration with Google services, rendering it a versatile and intelligent fitness tracker. With its advanced features and Google synergy, the Fitbit Charge 6 stands as an exceptional choice for those seeking to elevate their fitness and health monitoring, all at an affordable price point. It’s our top pick for one of the best Fitbits on the market today.

Best budget Fitbit: Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker – Midnight Zen

Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker - Midnight Zen colored on a white background.

Fitbit remains the industry leader across all aspects of fitness trackers, and their latest offering, the Fitbit Inspire 3, is a fantastic choice for those seeking an affordable option. This model packs an impressive array of features into a budget-friendly package, making it a compelling choice for health-conscious individuals. It continuously tracks your resting heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and more, providing valuable insights into your body’s signals and requirements. Notably, it calculates your personalized daily stress score, helping you gauge stress levels and take appropriate measures. Additionally, it delves into your sleep patterns, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

With a battery life of up to 10 days, the Fitbit Inspire 3 ensures you can focus on your health without the hassle of frequent recharging. It also introduces Active Zone Minutes to monitor your workout intensity and keeps an eye out for irregular heart rhythms, potentially alerting you to conditions like atrial fibrillation. The inclusion of mindfulness sessions further aids in stress management.

As a bonus, the Fitbit Inspire 3 comes with 6 months of Fitbit Premium, unlocking deeper insights and enhanced features to elevate your overall well-being. All of these capabilities are wrapped in a water-resistant design, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective choice for those prioritizing their health and fitness.

Top Reason to Buy: Sleek and stylish fitness tracker tailored to help you monitor and enhance various facets of your health and overall well-being. This tracker offers an extensive range of features to simplify the tracking of your fitness, stress levels, sleep patterns, and more. It’s a hard-to-beat budget option and stands as one of the top Fitbits on the market.

Most stylish Fitbit: Fitbit Luxe – Lunar White/Soft Gold/Stainless Steel

Fitbit Luxe - Lunar White/Soft Gold/Stainless Steel colorway on a white background.

For those who love to be fashion-forward, this is the Fitbit for you. Get ready to elevate your accessory game with the Fitbit Luxe, a smart tracker that seamlessly blends timeless style with modern technology. This elegant tracker boasts a vibrant color display, making it not only a functional device but also a fashionable statement piece. It’s designed to enhance your overall well-being with a range of features aimed at optimizing your health. With sleep tracking and a Sleep Score provided through the Fitbit app, you can prioritize better sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The Luxe also motivates you during workouts by giving you a buzz when you reach your target heart rate zones and awards you active zone minutes.

As a Luxe owner, you’ll enjoy a 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium, offering exclusive content and features for both new and returning Premium members. This trial helps you maximize your exercise routine, understand resting heart rate trends, and better estimate calorie burn with continuous 24/7 heart rate tracking. Additionally, the Fitbit app provides valuable health metrics like breathing rate and heart rate variability. Worried about running out of power? Don’t be. The Luxe offers an impressive battery life of up to 5 days, ensuring it stays active without constant charging. Plus, you can connect it to your phone’s GPS to see real-time pace and distance right on your wrist, perfect for tracking your outdoor activities.

Top Reason to Buy: Chic design and vibrant color display. It’s a fashion-forward accessory that also provides essential health and fitness insights. Sleep tracking and a Sleep Score in the Fitbit app help you improve your sleep quality, while the Luxe keeps you motivated during workouts with heart rate zone notifications and active zone minutes. With continuous heart rate monitoring and access to health metrics, the Luxe helps you better understand your body. Its impressive battery life and GPS connectivity add to its appeal, making it a smart investment for those looking to prioritize their well-being.

Best fitness tracking Fitbit: Fitbit Sense 2 – Shadow Gray/Graphite

Fitbit Sense 2 - Shadow Gray/Graphite colorway on a white background.

For those who love data, this is one of the best Fitbits for you. The Fitbit Sense 2 is the ultimate smartwatch designed to enhance your well-being by helping you stress less, sleep better, and live healthier. This advanced health and fitness smartwatch is equipped with a range of features to empower you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. One of the standout features of the Sense 2 is its ability to detect and manage stress. With all-day stress detection powered by cEDA technology and a daily Stress Management Score, you gain valuable insights into your stress levels and tools to effectively manage them. Additionally, the ECG app allows for atrial fibrillation assessment, and you’ll receive notifications for irregular heart rhythms, providing key heart-health indicators.

Understanding and improving your sleep quality is made easy with personalized Sleep Profiles, daily sleep stages tracking, and a Sleep Score. You can also benefit from features like the smart wake alarm and do not disturb mode to optimize your rest. Then when you’re done resting, you can get after it to enhance your physical activity. The Sense 2 delivers built-in GPS, workout intensity mapping, and a Daily Readiness Score. It tracks your active zone minutes, monitors all-day activity, and offers 24/7 heart rate tracking. With over 40 exercise modes and automatic exercise tracking, you have the flexibility to stay active in various ways. Plus, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can take it with you on your aquatic adventures.

Designed for all-day wear, the Sense 2 offers convenience with on-wrist Bluetooth calls, text and phone notifications, customizable clock faces, Fitbit Pay, Amazon Alexa built-in, and Google Wallet & Maps (Google Maps on Android only, coming Spring 2023 to iOS). With a battery life of over 6 days, it’s ready to support you throughout your daily activities.

Top Reason to Buy: Ultimate partner in health and wellness. It goes beyond basic tracking with advanced features like stress detection and management, heart health monitoring, and in-depth sleep analysis. With a suite of fitness tools, including GPS, workout intensity mapping, and a Daily Readiness Score, it’s ideal for those looking to stay active. Its all-day wear design and array of smartwatch features, including Bluetooth calls and voice assistants, make it a versatile companion.

Best for runners: Fitbit Versa 4 – Black

Fitbit Versa 4 - Black colored on a white background.

Introducing the Fitbit Versa 4, the ultimate fitness smartwatch designed to elevate your workout routine and provide comprehensive insights into your health and fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, an avid athlete, or just getting started, the Versa 4 + Premium package has something for everyone. The Versa 4 features the Daily Readiness Score, available with Fitbit Premium. This personalized score helps you understand when your body is ready for a challenging workout or if it’s time for a recovery day. It takes the guesswork out of planning your fitness routine. Knowing the right workout intensity levels is crucial for progress, and the Daily Readiness Score guides you in targeting the right intensity levels for your workouts. With real-time tracking of Active Zone Minutes, you can stay accountable during your exercises.

For outdoor workouts, the built-in GPS allows you to track your pace and distance accurately, giving you valuable data to assess your performance. With over 40 exercise modes, including options like strength training, HIIT, running, kayaking, and more, you can track key stats in real-time. The Versa 4 offers 24/7 heart rate tracking during exercise, providing real-time insights into your cardiovascular performance. Beyond workouts, it also tracks your all-day activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned. Then once you’re ready to start your recovery process, you can enhance your sleep quality with your personalized Sleep Profile, available with Fitbit Premium. And, to top it all off, the Versa 4 is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming and other water-related activities.

Top Reason to Buy: Daily Readiness Score and Active Zone Minutes help you optimize your workouts and achieve better results. The built-in GPS, comprehensive exercise modes, and 24/7 heart rate tracking make it a versatile fitness tracker. Plus, it offers smart features like calls, texts, and notifications, and with an impressive 6+ days of battery life — the perfect Fitbit for avid runners.

Best Fitbit for kids: Fitbit Ace 3 – Black/Racer Red

Fitbit Ace 3 - Black/Racer Red colorway on a white background.

Yes — you can even get your kids in on the Fitbit action as well. The Fitbit Ace 3 is the perfect activity tracker designed for kids aged 6 and older. This fun and engaging device not only makes fitness enjoyable for kids but also encourages the entire family to embrace healthy habits. Fitbit Ace 3 offers a range of features that motivate kids to stay active and build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. The Ace 3 is a long-lasting battery life, providing up to 8 days of use on a single charge. This means less downtime for charging and more time for kids to stay on the move. It also features animated clock faces that grow and develop as kids become more active throughout the day. This visual representation encourages them to stay engaged and keep moving. The all-day activity tracking feature shows kids how their healthy habits accumulate to create a healthier life. It provides a clear picture of their physical activity and progress.

Kids can engage in step competitions, send messages, and offer cheers within the app, turning fitness into a social and interactive experience. As they meet their activity goals, they earn virtual badges and enjoy on-screen celebrations, offering positive reinforcement. Parents can conveniently manage their child’s Ace 3 and their own Fitbit device through a single, user-friendly platform.

Some added bonus points. The Ace 3’s water resistance of up to 50 meters ensures durability in various environments — with its swimproof design, it can handle pool parties and spills, making it perfect for water-based activities. Not only that, but the Fitbit Ace 3 helps kids establish healthy sleep habits through sleep tracking, bedtime reminders, and silent alarms, promoting a consistent sleep routine.

Top Reason to Buy: With features like animated clock faces, all-day activity tracking, and swimproof design, it encourages kids to stay active and build a foundation for a healthier life. Parents can manage their child’s device and their own from a single account, offering convenience and peace of mind. Fitbit Ace 3 promotes fitness as a family affair, making it a top choice for parents looking to instill healthy habits in their children.

Fitbits for fitness and fun

Fitbit leads in wearable technology with a wide range of health and fitness trackers catering to diverse needs. Whether you want to monitor daily activity, sleep patterns, workouts, or stress levels, the best Fitbit models offer a variety of features for enhanced health understanding. Our comprehensive guide simplifies your choice, showcasing the latest models, from sleek wristbands to smartwatches, ensuring an informed decision for a healthier you in 2023 and beyond.