The fitness market offers a diverse range of exercise bikes, catering to various budgets and fitness aspirations. Our buying guide is tailored to help readers discover the best budget-friendly, cheap exercise bikes available on the market, from spin-class quality machines to beginner level options designed for individuals looking for a cost-effective fitness solution. Whether you seek studio-class performance or cost-efficient choices, our guide aims to simplify your search for the ideal cheap exercise bike that aligns with your health and fitness goals.

We’ve curated the latest models that strike a balance between affordability and functionality, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every budget. Our guide presents a selection of exercise bikes that offer both quality and value, making it easier for readers to choose an option that suits their specific needs without breaking the bank. These budget-friendly exercise bikes are designed to provide an efficient and effective workout experience, enabling individuals to pursue their fitness journey without compromising on quality, even when operating on a limited budget.

Best overall cheap bike: PSOS Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

PSOS Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike on a white background.

Introducing our overall winner of the best value exercise bike, the PSOS Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike stands out as a top-notch yet affordable choice for fitness enthusiasts. Engineered with a wool-felt resistance system, this stationary bike ensures a smooth, noise-free workout, making it an ideal home exercise solution that won’t disrupt your household. Crafted from durable high-quality steel, it guarantees both robustness and stability, while the added safety of cage pedals ensures injury prevention during intense rides.

Equipped with a digital display, this bike keeps you updated on vital workout metrics, including speed, time, calories burned, and overall distance traveled. What’s more, it comes with a convenient pad holder, enabling you to enjoy entertainment while you exercise, transforming your workout routine into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Effortlessly tailor your workout with the easily adjustable brake and resistance knob, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity according to your fitness goals. The same knob serves as a quick and safe stop mechanism, ensuring a seamless and secure workout session. With a weight capacity of up to 320 pounds, this exercise bike accommodates a wide range of users.

Top Reason to Buy: The PSOS Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike reigns as the ultimate cost-effective fitness companion, delivering a quiet, smooth, and secure workout experience. Its wool-felt resistance system ensures minimal noise, granting you the freedom to exercise without disturbing your household. The bike’s robust construction and cage pedals add an extra layer of safety, prioritizing peace of mind during workouts. Boasting a user-friendly digital display and a pad holder for entertainment, this bike elevates the enjoyment of your exercise routine. Its adjustable resistance controls cater to a versatile and efficient workout, making it a stellar choice for users up to 320 pounds — and a clear choice when choosing one of the best cheap exercise bikes on the market today.

Best cheap bike for beginners: YOSUDA Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike on a white background.

For those looking to break into the health space, this is the prime pick for fitness newcomers — the YOSUDA Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike stands out as the ideal starting point for beginners embarking on their fitness journey. Crafted with a focus on a smooth, durable, and low-maintenance design, this cycling bike ensures a comfortable foundation for beginners to surpass their fitness aspirations. Anchored on a sturdy steel frame, it operates seamlessly with a nearly silent belt drive system, boasting a substantial 35-pound flywheel and an LCD monitor to track essential workout metrics, while also incorporating a convenient water bottle holder.

This bike prioritizes comfort and personalization with its two-way adjustable handlebar and four-way adjustable seat, ensuring an optimal and tailored experience during your rides. With a weight capacity of up to 270 pounds, it accommodates a diverse range of users.

The 35-pound flywheel, coupled with the heavy-duty steel frame, guarantees stability during workouts, while the belt-driven system ensures a serene and uninterrupted riding experience. YOSUDA’s focus on personalization shines through its adjustable handlebar, padded seat, and a broad spectrum of resistance levels, allowing users to target specific fitness goals such as muscle toning, weight loss, and cardiovascular health.

The LCD monitor serves as a progress tracker, showcasing vital data including time, speed, distance, calories burned, and odometer readings. Additionally, the built-in iPad holder adds a touch of entertainment, elevating the enjoyment of your workout routine.

Top Reason to Buy: The ultimate choice for novices, promising a stable and near-silent workout encounter. Its customizable features ensure a personalized fit, catering to a diverse user base. The LCD monitor keeps you updated on performance metrics, while the built-in iPad holder introduces an extra layer of entertainment, incentivizing consistent commitment to your fitness journey. Whether your focus is on improving cardiovascular health, shedding weight, or building strength, this bike provides the comfort and support needed to comfortably reach your fitness goals.

Best value pick-up bike: Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike

Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike on a white background.

The Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike from Dick’s offers incredible value with its outstanding features and competitive pricing, making it our top pick for those looking for an efficient yet cheap exercise bike. This bike caters to the needs of serious fitness enthusiasts.

With four user profiles and 29 programs, it provides a diverse range of workout options. The 25 levels of resistance and an upgraded drive train guarantee a smooth and quick start-up, while the 3-piece chrome crank system with weighted pedals ensures durability and reliability. The multi-position handlebars, along with integrated incline and resistance controls, add versatility to your workout sessions. The Nautilus Gel fore/aft adjustable seat provides premium comfort for extended exercise sessions.

For tech-savvy users, this bike offers smart cardio features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless heart rate chest strap, and an adjustable Sight Line™ console with a blue backlit DualTrack screen. It also includes a charging USB port for your smart devices.

What truly sets it apart is the Explore the World® Membership, enabling users to discover global routes that adjust in real time to your speed, enhancing the workout experience. With a maximum user weight capacity of 325 pounds and transport wheels for easy storage, the Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike delivers both performance and convenience at a remarkable value.

Top Reason to Buy: The Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike is the ultimate value-packed option for fitness enthusiasts looking for premium features at an affordable price point. Offering a diverse range of workout options with four user profiles and 29 programs, this bike caters to serious competitors seeking varied exercise routines. The 25 levels of resistance and upgraded drive train ensure a smooth start-up and long-term durability. What sets it apart is the Explore the World Membership, providing access to global routes that dynamically adjust to your speed. The Nautilus U618 Exercise Bike offers exceptional value without compromising on performance or comfort — a true steal when seeking the best cheap exercise bikes.

Best cheap NordicTrack Bike: NordicTrack Studio Bike

NordicTrack Studio Bike on a white background.

The NordicTrack Studio Bike stands out as an affordable, yet feature-rich option within the NordicTrack range. Offering a 30-day iFIT Family Membership, this bike opens doors to a comprehensive world of workout experiences, led by expert trainers in both global and studio settings. The 7-inch Smart HD touchscreen provides access to these diverse workouts, ensuring boredom is never a part of your fitness journey.

Featuring a user-friendly design, this bike simplifies workout control with its One Touch Controls, allowing quick adjustments to resistance levels at the touch of a button. Additionally, the CoolAire Workout Fan provides comfort, keeping you cool and relaxed even during high-intensity sessions. The bike ensures a comfortable exercise experience with a padded saddle and oversized cushion seat.

Furthermore, the ergonomically designed pedals offer stability, featuring adjustable straps and accommodating various foot sizes. Offering 22 levels of resistance, the Studio Bike ensures versatile workouts while maintaining smooth, fluid changes with SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance.

For convenience, this bike is equipped with transport wheels, enabling easy movement from room to room. It also includes a water bottle holder for easy access to hydration during your workouts. With its integrated sound system and an auxiliary music port, you can enjoy your favorite workout playlist through the dual 2-inch speakers. Capable of supporting up to 350 pounds, the NordicTrack Studio Bike is an excellent option for those seeking a cost-effective yet robust exercise bike with an array of top-notch features.

Top Reason to Buy: Its 7-inch Smart HD touchscreen brings global and studio workouts into your home, preventing workout monotony. This bike focuses on user comfort, featuring a padded saddle and an oversized cushion seat, along with ergonomically designed, extra-wide pedals that offer stability. With 22 levels of resistance and the convenience of One Touch Controls, users can adjust workout intensity seamlessly — the best cheap exercise bike from NordicTrack.

Most reviewed bike: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike on a white background.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable yet feature-rich cycling experience. Boasting the SunnyFit App connectivity, this bike allows you to join expert trainers on various workouts and offers real-time performance tracking via Bluetooth and a mobile device. With the SunnyFit App, access personalized workout plans, explore over 1,000 workout videos, and even compare your results on the rowing leaderboard.

Equipped with a performance monitor displaying time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, RPM, and pulse, users can track their progress and stay motivated throughout their fitness journey. The bike features adjustable magnetic resistance, ensuring a smooth, virtually maintenance-free workout experience. The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike emphasizes comfort and efficiency with its lower Q-factor of 206mm, enabling riders to pedal faster and more effectively. With a sturdy frame capable of supporting a maximum user weight of 265 pounds, it’s a durable and reliable choice for home workouts.

This bike ensures an optimal fit with a four-way adjustable seat and two-way adjustable handlebars, enhancing both comfort and proper form during workouts. Also, it provides a device holder, enabling users to follow Sunny Health & Fitness training videos conveniently on a tablet or mobile device.

Additionally, the inclusion of a bottle holder helps users stay hydrated during more extended training sessions. The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is an affordable option offering a multitude of features, excellent connectivity, and enhanced comfort for a satisfying indoor cycling experience.

Top Reason to Buy: This bike offers extensive comfort and efficient pedaling, thanks to the lower Q-factor design, allowing users to pedal faster and more effectively. Its sturdy frame and the maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds ensure durability and reliability for a wide range of users. Adjustable seating and handlebars further enhance the overall comfort and workout experience, making this bike an exceptional value for those seeking budget-friendly yet feature-rich exercise equipment.