Summer is finally here, and with the sun shining brightly and the temperatures rising, it’s time to embrace the great outdoors and indulge in exhilarating leisure activities. One activity that perfectly complements the splendid weather is biking. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or someone looking to venture into the world of biking, now is the ideal time to discover new adventures on two wheels.

As we step into summer 2023, the cycling industry has unveiled an impressive array of bikes that cater to every rider’s preferences and needs. From sleek road bikes built for speed to rugged mountain bikes designed to conquer challenging terrains, to versatile hybrid bikes offering the best of both worlds and even the innovative e-bikes that blend traditional cycling with electric assistance, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for something to ride slow and low alongside the beach or need something Le Tour de France worthy for serious workouts, you’ll find something here.

We present a handpicked selection of the best bikes of 2023, designed to help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect ride for your summer escapades. So, grab your helmet, gear up, and get ready to explore the world on wheels as we dive into the exciting world of cycling with the best bikes in 2023.

What to consider when bike shopping

When embarking on the journey of bike shopping, there are several important factors to consider. From bike type and frame material to sizing and components, here is a quick breakdown of what you should keep in mind.

  1. Set goals and determine your bike type
    Consider whether you need a road bike for speed and efficiency, a mountain bike for off-road adventures, a hybrid bike for versatile commuting, or a specialized bike for a specific discipline.
  2. Set a budget
    Determine the amount you’re willing to invest in a bike. Setting a budget beforehand helps narrow down your options and ensures you focus on models that align with your financial capabilities. Consider the features and components you prioritize and find a balance between quality and affordability within your budget. Remember, higher cost doesn’t always equal better product, but remember you are making an investment that can last for years to come if properly maintained.
  3. Find the right bike size
    Proper bike fit is crucial for comfort and performance. Consider factors like frame size, standover height, reach, and stack to ensure a comfortable riding position that minimizes the risk of injury.
  4. Consider component quality
    Pay attention to the quality and specifications of components like drivetrain, brakes, wheels, and suspension. Higher quality components often offer better performance, durability, and smoother operation.
  5. Test ride and compare
    Whenever possible, take test rides to get a feel for the bike’s handling, comfort, and responsiveness. Compare different models, brands, and sizes to find the one that suits you best

Additional tips for buying a bike

Here are a few extra tips to also keep in mind when bike shopping. By keeping these in mind, it will make sure that your investment is one that won’t be squandered.

Keep travel routes in mind

When searching for the perfect bike, it’s important to consider the surfaces and terrains you’ll be primarily riding on. This will help you narrow down your options and find the most suitable bike for your needs. If your main purpose is commuting to work on a daily basis, you can focus on bikes specifically designed for urban environments. If a route enables you to cut through a park, make sure you find an option suitable for the cross-over terrain.

That being said, if you have multiple uses in mind or plan to ride on various types of terrain, it’s worth considering more versatile models such as gravel or hybrid bikes. These bikes are designed to handle a wide range of surfaces, from paved roads to gravel paths, making them ideal for riders seeking flexibility and adaptability.

By taking into account your specific riding preferences, routes you might travel, and the types of surfaces you’ll encounter, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the perfect bike that suits your needs and maximizes your enjoyment on the road or trail.

Trust the experts

While exploring the world of biking, it’s worth considering a visit to your local bike shop and engaging with the experts. Opting for an off-the-shelf bike doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it to meet your specific requirements. In fact, seeking advice from knowledgeable professionals can lead to valuable insights and help you customize the bike to your liking. This small additional fee is very much worth it, especially when some high-end models are pushing multiple thousands of dollars.

Local bike shops often have experienced staff who understand the intricacies of different bike models and can guide you in selecting the right components or accessories to enhance your riding experience. They can offer suggestions on adjustments, such as changing the saddle, handlebars, or gearing, to optimize comfort and performance based on your preferences.

Upkeep and maintenance costs

Something that is all too often forgotten when selecting a bike is the cost of upkeep to ensure that your bike is performing at peak capacity. Very similar to buying a car, this will definitely affect long-term costs and not just the upfront initial price tag that most people think about.

Best overall: Priority Apollo Gravel bike – Deep space blue

Priority Apollo Gravel bike - Deep space blue colorway on a white background.

Experience the extraordinary with the Priority Apollo gravel bike! The Priority Apollo is a high-performance bicycle that offers a combination of quality components and innovative features. This remarkable bicycle redefines the limits of gravel biking. With its drop bar design, internally-geared system, and belt drive, it offers unparalleled performance and durability on all types of terrain, from gravel paths to rough city streets. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring a responsive and agile ride. The carbon fork provides enhanced shock absorption, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable cycling experience.

Equipped with a 12-speed drivetrain, the Priority Apollo offers a wide range of gears for tackling various terrains. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power, even in wet conditions. The puncture-resistant tires provide added durability and minimize the chances of flats during your rides.

This bike is just about as versatile as it comes, considering it was designed for urban commuting and recreational cycling — the Priority Apollo also offers a comfortable and semi-upright riding position. The integrated fender and rack mounts add practicality, allowing you to customize your bike with accessories. Conquer hills, flat paths, and packed trails throughout the year on this exceptional bike that guarantees a hassle-free cycling experience for commuters, adventurers, bike packers, and recreational riders alike all at a reasonable price point. Our overall favorite, does-it-all pick for the best bike in 2023.


  • Aluminum frame for a responsive ride
  • 12-speed drivetrain for versatile riding and minimizing upkeep
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Puncture-resistant tires for added durability
  • Integrated fender and rack mounts for customization and commuting
  • Affordability for a high-performing bike


  • Limited color options may be available
  • Heavier than other models
  • Limited gears could be off-putting for some

What customer think

“I got my Apollo bike yesterday, and it was well worth the wait! Guys at Priority Bicycles have created a thing of beauty – it is smooth, silent, stiff, lightweight, maintenance-free, and just drop-dead gorgeous… all at a modest price tag!”

Overall thoughts

The Priority Apollo bicycle offers a well-balanced package of performance and practicality. With its lightweight frame, carbon fork, and versatile drivetrain, it delivers a responsive and comfortable ride. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, and the puncture-resistant tires provide added durability. The integrated fender and rack mounts add customization options. While color and gear-count options are limited, the Priority Apollo is an excellent all-around choice for urban commuters and recreational riders seeking a high-quality and reliable bicycle.

Best commuter: All-City Super Professional Apex 1 bike – Flash basil metallic

All-City Super Professional Apex 1 bike - Flash basil green colored on a white background.

Experience the best of both worlds with the All-City Super Professional Apex 1. This bike combines urban commuting prowess with off-road versatility, making it the ideal choice for any adventure, especially those looking to go green on daily work commutes. Its lightweight and responsive design ensures a nimble and agile ride, perfect for navigating busy city streets with ease. Equipped with features like proprietary All-City steel tubing, disc brakes, and wide tire clearance, this bike is built to handle anything, including gravel paths. Whether you’re conquering your daily commute or venturing beyond the city limits, the Super Professional is a reliable companion that guarantees an exhilarating riding experience.

Designed for versatility and agility, the All-City Super Professional Apex 1 excels on diverse terrains. Drawing inspiration from renowned race-like geometry, it offers impressive speed, maneuverability, and flexibility needed for everyday riding. The bike’s extensive mounting options for racks, fenders, and two-bottle cages cater to the demands of commuters and daily riders who prioritize adaptability. With its responsive and lightweight performance, the Super Professional is perfectly suited for gritty urban commutes. For riders seeking a bike that effortlessly transitions from city streets to challenging terrains, the Super Professional delivers a change of scenery and an invigorating riding experience like no other.


  • Famed race geometry design
  • Extensive mounts for racks, fenders, and two bottle cages – perfect for work commuting
  • Responsive and lightweight design
  • All-City steel tubing for durability
  • Disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Wide tire clearance for versatile terrain handling


  • Limited Availability (subject to availability at the time of purchase)
  • Some online reviewers find the bike to be somewhat heavy for a commuter bike
  • Others have found that replacing some broken parts through All-City is problematic

What customers think

“This is my first bike for getting back in the saddle, and I couldn’t be happier. Super fun/agile ride, fearless on all sorts of surfaces throughout the city (I’m in Boston), and a BLAST on dirt paths. Honestly feels like riding a big BMX sometimes, which is a major compliment in my book (although it has made me a little too confident in a couple of risky situations…)”

Overall thoughts

The All-City Super Professional Apex 1 impresses with its race-inspired geometry and extensive mounting options, catering to the needs of commuters and daily riders. Its responsive and lightweight design makes urban commutes a breeze, while the durable construction and wide tire clearance allow riders to confidently tackle diverse terrains. Although availability may pose a challenge, those fortunate enough to secure this bike will enjoy its remarkable performance capabilities and seamless transition from city streets to adventurous landscapes. The Super Professional is a true game-changer for riders seeking a versatile and dynamic riding companion, especially in the realm of daily work commutes.

Best mountain: Canyon Grand Canyon 5 bike – Supertrue blue

Canyon Grand Canyon 5 bike - Supertrue blue color on a light grey background.

The Canyon Grand Canyon 5 is the perfect mountain bike for riders looking to dive into the world of off-road cycling. It strikes a harmonious balance between its well-designed geometry and carefully chosen components, creating an accessible entry point for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The bike’s suspension fork and disc brakes instill confidence, enabling riders to confidently explore trails beyond the confines of the city. Constructed with a sleek aluminum frameset, modern geometry, and high-quality components, the Grand Canyon 5 delivers exceptional performance without breaking the bank, which is why it is such an alluring option.

So, how is it so affordable? The Grand Canyon 5 is designed to provide an affordable option for riders without compromising on performance, and this is achieved through a careful selection of components that offer a perfect balance between quality and cost. Just because the bike is affordable does not mean that it is not high quality. This bike is the complete opposite of that, in fact. The Canyon Grand Canyon 5 is a mountain bike that offers accessibility, confidence-inspiring performance, and affordability. It is an excellent choice for riders who are new to mountain biking or those seeking a reliable and capable bike for their trail adventures. Our pick for the best overall mountain bike in 2023.


  • Balanced geometry offers a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride
  • Suspension fork provides enhanced control and smooths out rough terrain
  • Disc brakes deliver powerful and reliable stopping power
  • Lightweight wheels maximize efficiency and speed
  • High-quality components ensure durability and performance
  • Ready for adventure straight out of the box, no need for additional upgrades


  • Limited color options may be available (subject to availability at the time of purchase)

What customers think

“The Grand Canyon 5 is a fantastic mountain bike for beginners and those on a budget. The combination of its balanced geometry, suspension fork, and disc brakes provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. It’s a great bike to start exploring new trails with.”

Overall thoughts

The Canyon Grand Canyon 5 is an excellent choice for those looking to enter the world of mountain biking without breaking the bank. Its balanced geometry and thoughtfully chosen components make it accessible and user-friendly, instilling confidence in riders as they tackle trails. The inclusion of a suspension fork ensures a smooth and controlled ride, while the powerful disc brakes provide reliable stopping power. The bike’s lightweight wheels contribute to overall efficiency, allowing riders to transfer their effort into speed. With a sleek aluminum frameset and high-quality components, the Grand Canyon 5 offers both affordability and performance. While color options may be limited, this trail-proven bike is ready for epic adventures straight out of the box, making it an excellent choice for beginners and budget-conscious riders

Best road: Specialized Roubaix Sport road bike – Smoke/Silver Dust/Black

Specialized Roubaix Sport road bike - Smoke/Silver Dust/Black colorway on a light grey background.

There are road bikes, and then there are Specialized road bikes. Introducing the Specialized Roubaix Sport, a road bike that combines comfort, speed, and performance for riders seeking an exceptional experience on long-distance rides. With its innovative technology and thoughtfully engineered design, this bike is built to absorb road vibrations, enhance stability, and deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride.

At the heart of the Roubaix Sport is the Future Shock suspension system, providing 20mm of travel to absorb road shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth sailing, comfortable ride. Its endurance-focused geometry promotes a relaxed riding position, reducing strain during long rides while maintaining stability and confidence on challenging terrains. The lightweight FACT 9r carbon fiber frame offers excellent stiffness and responsiveness, optimizing power transfer and efficiency. Equipped with Shimano 105 components, the Roubaix Sport delivers precise shifting and reliable braking performance, while the hydraulic disc brakes ensure confidence-inspiring stopping power in all weather conditions. Specialized’s Future-Proof cable management system allows for easy upgrades and maintenance, ensuring compatibility with future technologies.

With the Specialized Roubaix Sport, riders can enjoy a bike that excels in both comfort and performance. Its advanced features, including the Future Shock suspension, endurance geometry, carbon fiber construction, and reliable Shimano components, provide a superior riding experience on long-distance adventures. Despite its higher price point, the Roubaix Sport offers exceptional value for riders who prioritize comfort, speed, and versatility. Conquer the roads with confidence and experience the ultimate combination of comfort and performance with the Specialized Roubaix Sport — our favorite road bike in 2023.


  • Future Shock suspension technology provides a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Endurance geometry offers stability and comfort on long-distance rides
  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame enhances power transfer and responsiveness
  • Shimano 105 components ensure reliable shifting and braking performance
  • Future-Proof cable management system allows for easy upgrades and maintenance


  • Higher price point compared to entry-level road bikes
  • Limited color options may be available (subject to availability at the time of purchase)

What customers think

“It’s incredible. The frame soaks up the road and the Future Shock makes it even better. The 105 group set shifts crisp and quick. And man does does it look good! I’m so glad I picked mine up.”

Overall thoughts

The Specialized Roubaix Sport is a top-tier road bike that excels in providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Its innovative Future Shock suspension technology, endurance geometry, and lightweight carbon fiber frame set it apart from other bikes in its class. With reliable Shimano 105 components and hydraulic disc brakes, the bike offers precise shifting and confident braking performance. While it comes at a higher price point, the Roubaix Sport delivers exceptional value with its advanced features and future-proof design. Whether you’re embarking on long-distance rides or conquering challenging terrains, this bike ensures comfort, speed, and performance in every pedal stroke.

Best budget: Cannondale Topstone 4 bike – Black

Cannondale Topstone 4 bike - Black color on a light gray background.

In order to get a high-performing and versatile bike, you don’t need to try thousands of dollars to do so. So many brands on the market have stepped up the quality of bikes without skimping on cheap and break-easy components. Let us introduce you to our favorite budget bike. The Cannondale Topstone 4 is a versatile gravel bike designed to provide an exceptional riding experience on various terrains. Whether you’re tackling rough gravel roads, exploring scenic trails, or embarking on long-distance adventures, this bike is built to deliver performance, comfort, and reliability. With its durable construction, advanced features, and Cannondale’s commitment to quality, the Topstone 4 is ready to take your gravel riding to the next level.

Featuring a lightweight SmartForm C2 alloy frame, the Topstone 4 strikes a perfect balance between strength, all the while being relatively lightweight. The bike’s endurance geometry ensures a comfortable and stable riding position, allowing you to spend hours in the saddle without fatigue. The full carbon fork with tapered steerer enhances front-end stiffness and responsiveness, providing precise handling and control on uneven terrain. A premiere bike at a reasonable price tag.


  • Versatile gravel bike suitable for various terrains and riding styles
  • Lightweight SmartForm C2 alloy frame for strength and agility
  • Endurance geometry for a comfortable and stable riding position
  • Full carbon fork with tapered steerer for enhanced front-end stiffness and control


  • Limited color options may be available
  • Some customers question the long term durability of the bike

What customers think

“Super excited to add hundreds of more miles along with potential upgrades that are available for this platform. An excellent affordable bike?”

Overall thoughts

The Cannondale Topstone 4 is a well-rounded gravel bike that excels in versatility, performance, and comfort. With its lightweight construction, responsive handling, and reliable components, it offers an enjoyable riding experience on gravel roads, trails, and beyond. While color options may be limited, the Topstone 4 makes up for it with its exceptional performance and value. Whether you’re a seasoned gravel enthusiast or new to off-road riding, this bike is worth considering for your next adventure.

Best beach cruiser: Electra Cruiser 1 Step-thru bike – White

Electra Cruiser 1 Step-thru bike - White colored on a white background.

Sometimes it is more about the journey than it is about arriving at the destination. For those that love to go “low and slow” along a beachfront bike path or stroll along a quaint little downtown shopping area, a cruiser might be best for you. The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru is the epitome of classic style and comfort. Designed for leisurely rides and relaxed cruising, this bike offers a laid-back and enjoyable experience on the road. With its step-thru frame design, it provides easy mounting and dismounting, making it accessible for riders of all ages and abilities.

The Cruiser 1 Step-Thru features a durable and lightweight aluminum frame, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. The relaxed geometry and wide handlebars promote an upright riding position, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. The plush saddle and wide tires add to the overall comfort, absorbing bumps and vibrations for a more enjoyable ride. If you need a smooth-sailing beach cruiser to traverse down the cobblestone roads of old Capri, this should be your bike of choice.


  • Classic and stylish cruiser bike perfect for leisurely rides
  • Step-thru frame design for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame for a smooth ride
  • Relaxed geometry and wide handlebars for a comfortable upright riding position
  • Plush saddle and wide tires for enhanced comfort and shock absorption


  • Limited gear options for challenging terrains or hilly areas
  • May not be suitable for high-speed or performance-oriented riding
  • Not ideal for attaching accessory mounting features such as a child seat or tow-behind trailer

What customers think

“I have been enjoying leisure rides from pier to pier just about daily since buying my Electra cruiser. Best decision I made to get myself out of the house!”

Overall thoughts

The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru is an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxed and enjoyable biking experience. Its classic design, step-thru frame, and comfortable features make it perfect for leisurely rides around the neighborhood or along the beach. While it may not offer the versatility for challenging terrains or high-speed riding, its focus on comfort and style is what sets it apart. If you’re looking for a cruiser bike that combines timeless aesthetics with a comfortable ride, the Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Thru is worth considering.

Best E-bike: LeMond Prolong electric bike – Blanc

LeMond Prolong electric bike - Blanc colored bike on a white background.

The LeMond Prolog is a high-performance road bike designed to deliver speed, agility, and precision on the road. Engineered with advanced technology and top-quality components, this bike is built for riders who crave an exhilarating and efficient riding experience. Whether you’re a competitive racer or a dedicated enthusiast, the Prolog is ready to elevate your road cycling adventures or commuting ride to the next level.

With its lightweight carbon fiber frame, the Prolog offers an optimal balance of stiffness and compliance, providing excellent power transfer and a smooth ride. A 250 watt rear hub motor powers Prolog up to 20 mph and is part of the Mahle X35+ smart ebike system embedded throughout the frame proving a 40-70 mile range distance. The aerodynamic design reduces drag, allowing you to slice through the air with ease and achieve higher speeds. The precise handling and responsive characteristics of the bike ensure confident control and maneuverability, making it a joy to ride in any situation.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame for optimal stiffness and compliance
  • Aerodynamic design reduces drag and enhances speed
  • Precise handling and responsive characteristics for confident control
  • High-quality components ensure reliable performance
  • Excellent power transfer for efficient pedaling


  • The aggressive geometry may not suit riders seeking a more relaxed riding position
  • Limited availability and potential higher price point compared to other road bikes
  • Consistent customer feedback about poor and unpleasant customer service may be a turn-off for some

What customers think

“The Prolog may just be the sleekest, stealthiest ebike on the market today. I love my Prolong and recommend it to anyone!!”

Overall thoughts

The LeMond Prolog is a top-tier road bike that excels in performance and speed. It’s a bike that caters to riders who demand the utmost in performance and are willing to push their limits on the road. The lightweight carbon frame, aerodynamic design, and precise handling make it an exceptional choice for competitive racing or those seeking thrilling road cycling adventures. While the aggressive geometry and price tag may not appeal to everyone, those who prioritize speed and responsiveness will appreciate the Prolog’s capabilities. If you’re looking for an e-bike that delivers uncompromising performance and a thrilling ride, the LeMond Prolog is an excellent choice.

Best foldable: Brompton C Line Explore bike – Black

Brompton C Line Explore bike - Black colored on a white background.

For those that need something commute worthy without having to worry about taking up space in an office setting, a foldable bike may be your best bet. The Brompton C Line Explore is a versatile folding bike designed to provide convenience, comfort, and performance for urban commuters and adventurous riders. With its 6-speed gearing range, this bike offers excellent versatility, allowing you to navigate through different terrains, including hills, and explore farther destinations with ease. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands around town, or embarking on a cycling adventure, the C Line Explore is built to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of this bike is the M Type Handlebar, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic riding position. Made in London, the M Type Handlebar enhances control and stability, ensuring a pleasant riding experience. Despite its robust capabilities, the Brompton C Line Explore weighs only 26.7 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to carry as you move between different locations. It’s compact folded size of just 25.3 x 23 x 10.6 inches allows for effortless storage at home, in the office, or in the trunk of a car.

The all-steel frame of the Brompton C Line Explore contributes to its exceptional ride quality. The durability and stability of the frame ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, resembling that of a full-size bike. Additionally, the folding mechanism of the bike allows for quick and convenient transportation, whether on a bus, train, or any other mode of public transportation.


  • A 6-speed gearing range for versatile riding, including hills and longer distances
  • Comfortable M Type Handlebar for a relaxed and ergonomic riding position
  • Lightweight design (26.7 lbs) for easy carrying and storage
  • All-steel frame provides durability and a smooth ride quality
  • Compact folded size (25.3 x 23 x 10.6 inches) for convenient transportation and storage


  • Limited availability and potentially higher price point compared to non-folding bikes
  • May require some adjustments and familiarity with the folding mechanism
  • There are lighter folding bikes on the market

What customers think

“This bike is the Rolls Royce of folding bikes. Easy to unfold and fold, it takes less than a minute.
Great Brompton customer service!”

Overall thoughts

The Brompton C Line Explore is a reliable and practical folding bike that excels in urban commuting and exploring new horizons. Its 6-speed gearing range, comfortable handlebar, and lightweight design make it suitable for a wide range of riding scenarios. The all-steel frame ensures durability and a comfortable ride quality, while the folding feature adds convenience for easy storage and transportation. While the C Line Explore may have a higher price point and require some familiarity with the folding mechanism, it offers a unique and versatile cycling experience that is well worth the investment. If you’re seeking a folding bike that combines functionality, portability, and performance, the Brompton C Line Explore is an excellent choice.

Best fat bike: Mongoose Dolomite fit tire mountain bike – Navy

Mongoose Dolomite fit tire mountain bike - Navy colorway on a white background.

Mud, dirt, snow, ice, sand — whatever the terrain, fat tire bikes can help you traverse over any terrain. The Mongoose Dolomite is a rugged and capable fat tire mountain bike designed to conquer off-road trails with ease. Built with a durable steel frame and featuring supersized all-terrain knobby 26-inch wheels, this bike provides excellent stability and traction, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. Whether you’re tackling rocky terrains or sandy beaches, the Dolomite is ready to take on any adventure.

Equipped with an adjustable threadless headset, the Dolomite accommodates riders of different heights, ensuring a comfortable riding position for everyone. The strong and lightweight alloy rims not only contribute to the bike’s durability but also help keep the overall weight down, enhancing speed and performance on the trails. The inclusion of beach cruiser pedals adds to the comfort factor, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. Additionally, the front and rear disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring safety and control in any terrain or weather conditions.

The Mongoose Dolomite features a 7-speed rear derailleur, which proves advantageous when climbing hills or navigating challenging inclines. The twist shifters enable smooth and easy gear changes while riding, allowing you to quickly adapt to varying terrains and optimize your pedaling efficiency. It’s important to note that this bike requires assembly upon arrival but comes with a limited lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring long-term enjoyment.


  • Steel-framed mountain bike with supersized all-terrain knobby 26-inch wheels for excellent stability and traction
  • Adjustable threadless headset accommodates riders of different heights
  • Lightweight alloy rims enhance speed and performance
  • Comfortable beach cruiser pedals
  • Front and rear disc brakes ensure safety and control
  • A 7-speed rear derailleur with twist shifters for easy gear changes
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Assembly required upon arrival
  • Limited availability of sizes for taller or shorter riders
  • Some online reviewers suggest upgrading to a different bike seat

What customers think

“I have used it on 3 snowy days of varying temps thus far, and I love it. The first time riding was on a 40-degree day where there was over a foot of snow already melting. It was amazing! I plowed this beast through every pile of snow and slush I could find. I was amazed that I didn’t fall over once!”

Overall thoughts

The Mongoose Dolomite is a capable and reliable fat tire mountain bike that offers an exciting off-road riding experience. With its sturdy construction, supersized wheels, and adjustable headset, it delivers excellent stability and comfort for riders of various heights. The lightweight alloy rims contribute to its overall performance, while the beach cruiser pedals and disc brakes enhance the riding experience and ensure safety on diverse terrains. The 7-speed rear derailleur and twist shifters provide versatility and ease of gear changes, making uphill climbs and varied trails more manageable. Although assembly is required, the Dolomite comes with a limited lifetime warranty, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in its durability. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly fat tire mountain bike that doesn’t compromise on performance and versatility, the Mongoose Dolomite is a solid choice for off-road adventures.

Best for Kids: Woom 4 bike – Red

Woom 4 bike - Red colored on a white background.

The WOOM 4 Kids Bike is a high-quality and well-designed bicycle specifically crafted for young riders. With its focus on safety, comfort, and functionality, this bike provides an excellent platform for kids to develop their biking skills and explore the world around them. The WOOM 4 is suitable for children aged 6-9 years old or with a height range of 45-51 inches.

This bike stands out with its lightweight aluminum frame, weighing only 16.5 pounds. The lightweight construction makes it easy for kids to handle and maneuver, enhancing their confidence and control. The bike features child-specific geometry and ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable and proper riding position that promotes good posture and balance. The low step-through frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, giving young riders added convenience.

The WOOM 4 is equipped with responsive and reliable front and rear V-brakes, offering efficient stopping power for enhanced safety. The bike also features a wide-range 8-speed SRAM X4 drivetrain, allowing kids to smoothly shift gears and tackle various terrains with ease. The high-quality Kenda tires provide excellent traction and stability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame for easy handling and control
  • Child-specific geometry and ergonomics for a comfortable riding position
  • Low step-through frame design for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Responsive front and rear V-brakes for efficient stopping power
  • Wide-range 8-speed drivetrain for smooth gear shifting on various terrains
  • High-quality Kenda tires for excellent traction and stability


  • Higher price point compared to some other kids’ bikes on the market
  • Limited color options available
  • Online reviewers have noted difficulty with and unpleasant customer service experiences

What customers think

“Our Grandson received this bicycle for his 5th birthday today. He was so excited he could barely hold still. My son got a helmet on him, and he jump on and road and road and road the bike all around the driveway, laughing and screaming, ‘Awesome, this is the best bike ever!’ ”

Overall thoughts

The WOOM 4 Kids Bike is a top-notch choice for young riders seeking a high-quality and reliable bicycle. Its lightweight construction, child-specific design, and comfortable ergonomics make it an excellent option for developing biking skills and building confidence. The responsive brakes and smooth-shifting drivetrain ensure safety and ease of use, allowing kids to navigate different terrains with ease. While it may come with a higher price tag compared to some competitors, the WOOM 4’s exceptional build quality and thoughtful design make it a worthwhile investment. With positive customer feedback and a focus on safety and comfort, the WOOM 4 Kids Bike is a standout choice for young riders ready to explore the joy of cycling.

Best splurge: Allied Able SRAM Rivals AXS bike – Matte black

Allied Able SRAM Rivals AXS bike - Matte black color on white background.

When money is not of the essence, it can be nice to splurge a little on the finer luxuries in life. This bike is that splurge. The Allied Able Rival AXS Complete Bike is a high-performance road bike that combines lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and top-of-the-line components. Built for speed and efficiency, this bike is a versatile choice for avid cyclists and racers looking to take their riding to the next level. Whether you’re conquering challenging climbs or sprinting toward the finish line, the Able Rival AXS is engineered to deliver exceptional performance.

Crafted with precision, the Able Rival AXS features a carbon fiber frame that strikes the perfect balance between stiffness and compliance. This advanced material ensures optimal power transfer while dampening road vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The aerodynamic tube shapes and integrated cable routing further enhance the bike’s efficiency, reducing drag and allowing you to slice through the wind with ease.

Equipped with the reliable and precise SRAM Rival AXS drivetrain, this bike offers smooth and effortless shifting across its wide range of gears. The hydraulic disc brakes provide exceptional stopping power, giving you confidence and control in any weather conditions. The Allied Able Rival AXS also features high-quality wheels and tires that deliver excellent traction and stability, allowing you to corner with confidence and maintain speed on descents.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame for optimal power transfer and comfort
  • Aerodynamic design and integrated cable routing for reduced drag
  • Smooth and precise shifting with the SRAM Rival AXS drivetrain
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all conditions
  • High-quality wheels and tires for excellent traction and stability


  • Higher price point compared to entry-level road bikes
  • Limited availability and color options

What customers think

“The bike is absolutely gorgeous, it is lightweight, and sleek, and the attention to detail on the frame puts a big smile on my face. It wants to go fast. It handles great on gravel, too!”

Overall thoughts

The Allied Able Rival AXS Complete Bike is a top-tier road bike designed for riders who demand the highest level of performance. Its lightweight and aerodynamic design, coupled with the advanced drivetrain and braking system, make it a force to be reckoned with on the road. While it comes with a higher price tag, the exceptional craftsmanship and top-of-the-line components justify the investment for serious cyclists. With positive customer reviews praising its responsiveness and performance, the Able Rival AXS is a standout choice for those seeking a bike that can handle the most demanding rides and races.

A bike for every type of rider

Whether you’re a commuter, an adventurer, or a recreational rider, our guide offers diverse choices to cater to your specific needs and preferences. By utilizing this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed decision and embark on an exceptional cycling journey with a bike that perfectly aligns with your goals and aspirations, making this an enjoyable summer!